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  1. Food and drink promotions

    Latest promotions from campus food and bars. For more info visit UoY Campus Food on Facebook @eatatyork

  2. Food intolerance testing

    Discounted rates for University staff from Europe's leading provider of food intolerance testing

  3. York concerts

    From early to new, folk to classical, the region's largest and most diverse concert season right here on campus!

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    York Sport Timetables

    Campus East and West

    Full range of timetables for swimming, cycling, velodrome and classes plus the latest info on any changes.

  5. Fitness yoga

    12:00PM, 27 March 2017
    York Sport Centre

    An upbeat, slightly faster flowing version of regular yoga, with a focus on improving the range of motion and flexibility

  6. Circuits

    12:30PM, 27 March 2017
    York Sport Village

    Class combining conditioning, resistance and aerobic exercise

  7. Fitness pilates

    5:00PM, 27 March 2017
    York Sport Village

    Pilates-based movements in a choreographed routine designed to strengthen and lengthen the body

  8. Fitness yoga

    12:00PM, 28 March 2017
    York Sport Centre

    An upbeat, slightly faster flowing version of regular yoga, with a focus on improving the range of motion and flexibility

  9. Express group cycle

    12:30PM, 28 March 2017
    York Sport Village

    30 minute static bike session to keep you motivated and working hard

  10. Abs blast

    1:05PM, 28 March 2017
    York Sport Village

    20 minute class focused on problem areas to improve tone, definition, strength and endurance

  11. Group cycle

    5:00PM, 28 March 2017
    York Sport Village

    45 minute static bike session to keep you motivated and working hard

  12. Metafit

    12:30PM, 29 March 2017
    York Sport Village

    A 30 minute class based on high intensity training using nothing but your own body weight

  13. Parkrun

    9:00AM, 1 April 2017
    York Racecourse, YO23 1EX

    Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone and are safe and easy to take part in.

  14. Art for Wellbeing

    1:30PM, 2 April 2017
    York Art Gallery

    Informal practical sessions for adults, just drop-in and release your creative energy. No need to book - entry fees apply. See link for details.

  15. Time Management

    9:15AM, 26 April 2017
    H/G09, Heslington Hall

    Course: Helps you to identify your own time management strengths and weaknesses: if you haven't got time, you need to sign up!

  16. Mental Health Awareness training (MHFA lite)

    1:00PM, 3 May 2017
    HSS Training Room (Grimston House V/X/231)

    Introductory half day course on mental health awareness - mix of presentations, group interaction and activities.

  17. Mental Health First Aid training

    9:30AM, 18 May 2017
    HSS Training Room (Grimston House V/X/231)

    Two day course (18 &19 May) on how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue

  18. Developing Personal Resilience

    9:15AM, 26 May 2017
    H/G09, Heslington Hall

    Course: Interactive workshop exploring practical ways to understand and build your individual resilience.

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    Balancing workload

    Ways to manage your workload to improve your wellbeing and performance

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    Beat procrastination

    Why we procrastinate and ways to regain control to escape feelings of guilt and anxiety

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    Coping with uncertainty

    One thing that's certain in life is change - understand how your perception of events and sense of control can affect your resilience

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    Creative leisure time

    Beat cycles of inactivity and get the most out of your free time at home and at work

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    Diet and mental health

    Recent findings have shown clear links between the food we consume and our short term and long term mental health

  6. thumbnail

    Eating disorders

    Types of eating disorder, possible causes, and guidance on treatment and recovery

  7. thumbnail

    Emotional resilience

    Some people are more vulnerable to stress than others but there are ways to boost your capacity to cope

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    Exercise in the real world

    Want to exercise, mean to exercise, but can't quite find the time?

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    Food and mood

    Many people find that dietary changes can help them to manage low feelings, anxiety and mood swings

  10. thumbnail

    Healthy eating for busy people

    Eating a balanced diet can be difficult when you're always on the go - find out how to get the most out of your food

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    Managing someone with mental health needs

    Signs that a person may be struggling and tips on how to talk about mental health and offer support

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    Men's health

    Health risks for men and how to reduce them

  13. thumbnail

    Mental health

    How to take care of your own mental health or that of someone you care about

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    Mental Health - returning to work

    Information and ideas on returning to work for those experiencing mental health difficulties

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    A mind-body approach that could help to change the way you think and feel about your experiences

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    Power of optimism

    How you think about yourself and your life is up to you - no matter how challenging things may be, learning to think positively can help

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    Quitting smoking

    Even if you have tried to quit before and gone back to smoking it doesn't mean you can't do it this time.

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    Relaxation techniques

    Relaxation is vital for physical and mental wellbeing - see which of these techniques work for you

  19. thumbnail

    Sleep and insomnia

    Sleep problems, why they occur, and what you can do to overcome them

  20. thumbnail

    Stress and anxiety

    We can't always do something about the demands placed on us, but we can always do something about the way we respond

  21. thumbnail

    Stress and nutrition

    Sometimes we overlook the most basic stress-reducing strategy of all - taking a look at what we're eating

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    Stress management for managers

    What you do at work, why and how can have an impact health and wellbeing in the workplace

  23. thumbnail

    Understanding depression

    Greater awareness and understanding of depression makes it easier for those experiencing it to ask for help

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    Wellbeing and how to enjoy more of it

    Wellbeing is a mix of physical, psychological and lifestyle factors - the good news is we can all take steps to improve it

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    Women's health

    Health risks for women and how to reduce them

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    Working with depression

    Managers and employers have the opportunity to make a real difference to an individual’s recovery through the support they offer

This selection of helpsheets comes from our employee assistance partner, CiC. For their full range of helpsheets - covering legal, money, work, home and other mind and body issues - visit, their online source of self-help and well-being information. Use 'uylogin' and 'wellbeing' to sign in.

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    20 ways to get your 5-a-day

    Easy ways to eat more fruit and vegetables

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    Art on Campus

    There are artworks all over campus - why not have a look in your lunch break?

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    Audio guides to boost your mood

    Podcasts to help you deal with stress, worry or feeling low

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    Back care

    Top 10 tips to keep your back healthy and pain free

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    Be Mindful Online

    Learn mindfulness on the go with this this online mindfulness course

  6. thumbnail

    Be Mindful stress test

    Complete this simple test to measure the stress in your life

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    Bike Belles

    York's cycling community for women: monthly rides, socials, bike maintenance workshops, bike hire and much more

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    Blood donor sessions

    Giving blood is quick, easy and it saves lives. Use this website to find out where you can donate locally.

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    BMI calculator

    Quick, simple test to find out if you have a healthy weight

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    Campus food & drink guide 2016-17

    Your guide to catering venues and options on campus

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    Change4life Smart Recipes

    iOS / Android

    App: A great, free way to help you and your family eat tasty, healthier meals

  12. thumbnail

    Change4Life Sugar Smart

    iOS / Android

    App: A quick and easy way to track and cut down your sugar intake

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    Confidential 1:1 support focused on skills development, personal goals and professional well-being

  14. thumbnail

    Confidential Care Employee Assistance Programme

    Free helpline and counselling service for University staff for problems at home or at work

  15. thumbnail

    Drinking self-assessment

    Short questionnaire to assess your drinking habits against NHS guidelines (username: uylogin; password wellbeing)

  16. thumbnail

    Eating well on a budget

    Tips for shopping and cooking healthily for less

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    Eight ways to get active every day

    Easy ways to build exercise into your lifestyle

  18. thumbnail

    Emotional first aid

    Talk on why we all need to take as much care of our minds and emotions as we do our physical health

  19. thumbnail

    Exercise calorie calculator

    Find out how many calories you burn doing different activities

  20. thumbnail

    Five minute guided meditation

    Taster meditation for a silent mind when you're short of time

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    Get fit for free

    Easy ways to exercise without joining a gym

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    Get in shape (for real this time)

    If you find yourself making that resolution over and over again, these motivating talks could help you stick at it.

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    Giving up smoking

    Helpful guide to stopping smoking (username: uylogin; password: wellbeing)

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    Guide to Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Healthwatch York guide to getting help quickly, what you can do to look after yourself and where you can get advice, help and support.

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    Health and fitness

    A range of articles, videos and podcasts to help you be more physically active

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    Health and wellbeing

    Good all-round guide to getting fitter, healthier and happier (username: uylogin; password: wellbeing)

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    Healthy eating

    A range of articles, apps, tools and recipes to help you improve your eating habits

  28. thumbnail

    Healthy eating, healthy weight

    The real reasons why weight matters (username: uylogin; password: wellbeing)

  29. thumbnail

    Healthy recipe finder

    Clever tool with hundreds of recipes to suit all tastes and diets

  30. thumbnail

    How to have a healthy breakfast

    Tips on how to start your day the healthy way

  31. thumbnail

    i-resilience questionnaire

    Free report which reveals your natural strengths and how to develop your resilience further

  32. thumbnail

    Keeping active, feeling great

    How exercise can help with depression and anxiety (username: uylogin; password: wellbeing)

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    Map my fitness

    iOS / Android

    App: Keeps track of the distance you cover (running, cycling, walking etc) and calories consumed

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    Informal, confidential way of resolving differences within the workplace - open to all staff

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    Mental health A-Z

    A complete guide to mental health problems, topical issues and treatment options

  36. thumbnail

    Mental health at York

    Simple visual resource for University employees

  37. thumbnail

    Mental health factsheet

    Fast facts to convey the big picture on mental health in the UK

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    Mental Health First Contact

    In-house network of staff trained in mental health first aid - a first point of contact for staff experiencing emotional or psychological distress

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    Mental health helplines

    Whether you're concerned about yourself or a loved one, these mental health helplines can offer expert advice

  40. thumbnail

    Mental health research

    The latest Health Sciences research on improving patient wellbeing

  41. thumbnail

    Mood Zone

    Practical advice on coping with stress, anxiety and depression

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    My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter

    iOS / Android

    App: Quick and easy way to track your calorie consumption for virtually every type of food

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    My noise

    A unique collection of online sound generators - great for blocking out background noise when trying to work, study, relax, or sleep

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    NHS tools

    A range of interactive tools, apps and podcasts searchable by topic

  45. thumbnail

    One You Couch to 5K

    iOS / Android

    App: Clever programme that takes you from no exercise to 5k (3 mile) runs

  46. thumbnail

    One You Drinks Tracker

    iOS / Android

    App: Tips and advice to help cut down your alcohol consumption

  47. thumbnail

    One You Easy Meals

    iOS / Android

    App: Delicious, easy meal ideas - healthier versions of the foods you love!

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    Pool bike scheme

    Join the free scheme and use one of 20 pool bikes to travel between campuses

  49. thumbnail

    Relax Lite

    iOS / Android

    App: Popular audio guide that helps you to unwind

  50. thumbnail

    Simply health back care

    iOS / Android

    App: Information and exercises to treat and prevent back pain

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    Simply salad

    Enjoy a fresh salad for a healthy lunch or to accompany your main dish at the Ron Cooke Hub. Large variety to choose from incl. vegan and gluten free options

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    Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall - Live!

    Live Concert Streaming Service and concert downloads from the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall.

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    Staff Equality Networks

    Inclusive networks to promote good practice, peer support and development. Open to all staff.

  54. thumbnail

    Start your mental health conversation

    If you feel ready to talk about your mental health problem, here are a few points to help you out...

  55. thumbnail


    iOS / Android

    App: quick and easy way to track your stair use and take part in stair climbing challenges

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    Stress management website

    Guidance for managers and staff on dealing effectively with stress at work

  57. thumbnail

    Take time out

    Quick guide to help you understand and beat stress

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    Talking to your GP about mental health

    A third of all GP appointments are related to mental health but it's not always easy having that first conversation

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    Talks for when you feel totally burned out

    A variety of talks from the people at the top of their game, on how they deal with stress and burnout

  60. thumbnail

    Talks on the importance of self care

    Powerful talks offering simple ways to stay emotionally and physically healthy

  61. thumbnail

    Ten minute living room workout

    Easy daily exercises to do at home

  62. thumbnail

    Ten minute mindfulness exercise

    Improve your mental wellbeing with this simple but effective technique focused on living in the moment

  63. thumbnail

    Ten tips for healthier baking

    With some careful recipe planning, you can have your cake and eat it

  64. thumbnail

    Ten tips for healthy eating out

    Sensible suggestions for eating out without overdoing it

  65. thumbnail

    Ten ways to look after your mental health

    Mental health matters to everybody: here is some good advice on looking after yours

  66. thumbnail

    The Eatwell guide

    Guiance on how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet

  67. thumbnail

    The Quiet Place

    A restful area near Heslington Hall where you can go to relax or reflect

  68. thumbnail

    The Tuke Centre

    Private counselling and therapy centre in York

  69. thumbnail

    Time to eat well

    Quick guide to improving your diet to keep your heart healthy

  70. thumbnail

    Time to get moving

    Quick guide to building activity into your lifestyle

  71. thumbnail

    Time to quit smoking

    Quick guide to making that all important plan to quit

  72. thumbnail

    Tips for talking about mental health

    Simple, everyday ways to support someone experiencing psychological or emotional difficulties

  73. thumbnail

    Top tips for portion control

    Ways to eat less and still feel satisfied

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    UCU is the largest trade union and professional association for academics, lecturers, trainers, researchers and academic-related staff working in further and higher education throughout the UK.

  75. thumbnail


    UNISON is Britain and Europe's biggest public sector union.

  76. thumbnail


    Unite is the largest union in the UK and represents technical and technical related staff employed by the University.

  77. thumbnail

    Video: Easy swaps to get your 5-a-day

    Fun video on how to replace unhealthy snacks with delicious alternatives

  78. thumbnail

    Vitality age calculator

    Quick questionnaire: find out how old you are on the inside!

  79. thumbnail


    Tips and resources from the student Open Door team here at York

  80. thumbnail

    What makes a good life?

    Lessons from the longest study on happiness

  81. thumbnail

    Why dieting doesn't usually work

    Talk on the science behind dieting, how our brains manage our bodies and how to live a less diet-obsessed life

  82. thumbnail

    Why I'm a weekday vegetarian

    Powerful, pragmatic talk on the arguments for giving up meat and why it needn't be so hard to make a change

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    Yoga in York

    Become healthier with posture, breath, and relaxation. Great for back pain sufferers.

  84. Your browser does not support SVG

    YorActive fitness trail

    A 5km outdoor fitness trail connecting the west and east parts of campus - open to students, staff and the community.

  85. thumbnail

    York Active

    Fun pay-as-you-go fitness sessions for any ability - everything from rowing to rave aerobics

  86. thumbnail

    York Chaplaincy

    A place for spiritual reflection, exploration and comfort - all faiths or none welcome

  87. thumbnail

    York Directory of Mental Health

    Easy access to mental health services within York and the surrounding area.

  88. thumbnail

    York Mind

    Independent provider of high quality mental health services in the York area

  89. thumbnail

    York Samaritans

    Confidential listening service on hand 24 hours a day if something's troubling you

  90. thumbnail

    York Sport

    Join the Sports Centre or Sports Village (discounted rates for University staff)

  1. Cycletowork Extra

    Salary sacrifice scheme to make big savings on the cost of a new bike for cycling to work.
  2. Dental insurance

    Provided by Denplan, the UK's leading dental plan specialist.

  3. Health cash plan

    Medicash scheme to help you budget for the cost of everyday healthcare bills.
  4. Health insurance

    BUPA Select scheme to cover the cost of eligible UK treatment by BUPA recognised consultants, therapists and practitioners.
  5. Health screening

    Nuffield assessments to help you identify potential health risks or problems and develop strategies to manage these.

Our employee benefits package, Rewards Extra, provides a number of health related benefits.

The Rewards Extra benefit selection website also provides access to a range of health-related employee savings. Browse the 'Sports, Health and Hobbies' category and University of York offers for more details.

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