Please see the updated guidance on right to work checks during Covid-19:

UK law requires us to have made a right to work check on all workers before they start any paid or unpaid work.

  • Right to work checks for casual workers are carried out as part of a central registration service operated by HR.
  • Departments must confirm that a worker is currently registered with HR using our online tool.
  • If a prospective worker is not currently registered, they should come to Careers or HR to register.
    • If a casual worker cannot come to York in person to register, we offer remote right to work checks. Note, the casual worker will need to mail us their original right to work document(s) and registration form before a video call can be arranged.
  • HR's registration service operates during office hours. If a casual worker will only be visiting the University outside these times (eg for an evening event) and the worker is unable to perform a remote right to work check, it may be possible for the department to carry out its own right to work check before the work itself takes place.
    The department must obtain permission from HR before carrying out the check by calling or emailing the Casual Worker Team. Documents from this check must be sent to HR with a completed registration form as soon as possible.