1. The role must be defined by the Head of Department (HoD) and a job description provided. Recruitment and selection is the responsibility of the department.
  2. The term of the appointment is for a fixed term, normally four years extendable by up to a further four years by mutual consent. Ideally, the Deputy HoD role should be able to provide continuity in the event of a change of HoD.
  3. An allowance can be paid where there are significant responsibilities for delegated decision making on behalf of the HoD.
  4. Deputy HoD allowances are paid monthly with salary, are pensionable and are either:
  5. Allowances will be reviewed annually in October but will not be automatically adjusted by the national pay award.
  6. Requests for payment of a Deputy HoD allowance should be made to the Rewards Manager (with copy to the relevant HR Partner) and accompanied by a job description.
  7. There should be no more than two paid Deputy HoDs for a large department and only one in any other sized department. If a department wishes to have more paid Deputy HoDs, they need to put forward a case to the Rewards Manager.
  8. The Deputy HoD allowance is financed from the department.
  9. Requests for extensions of term of paid Deputy HoDs should be made to the Rewards Manager via the department's HR Partner.

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  • Last reviewed: 31 January 2012