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1. Policy statement

The University has harmonised annual leave entitlement for all employees, irrespective of role or grade, and, in accordance with the Part-Time Workers Regulations 2000, is committed to ensuring that employees who work on a part-time, part-year or job share basis are not treated less favourably than comparable full-time employees.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees.

3. Aims

This policy sets out the University’s approach to annual leave and the basis on which it may be taken.

4. Principles

  1. Annual leave entitlement for full-time employees is 30 days (including 3 ‘Customary Leave’ days between Christmas and New Year when the University will be closed for normal business), plus 8 Public / Statutory holidays:
    • Christmas Day
    • Boxing Day
    • New Year’s Day
    • Good Friday
    • Easter Monday
    • May Day Bank Holiday
    • Spring Bank Holiday
    • August Bank Holiday
  2. Annual leave entitlement (including ‘Customary Leave’ days and Public / Statutory holidays) will be pro-rata for employees working on a part-time and part-year basis, as a proportion of a full-time contract worked, rather than the days normally worked.
  3. Depending on the number of hours worked in a year, casual workers are entitled to a maximum of 28 days’ paid annual leave (reduced pro-rata if less than full-time hours are worked), excluding ‘Customary Leave’ days and Public/Statutory Holidays when casual workers would normally not be employed. Annual leave entitlement will be calculated on the basis that for every 8.3 hours worked, one hour’s leave entitlement will be accrued.
  4. The standard annual leave year runs from 1 October to 30 September unless varied by local agreement.
  5. Employees who join the University part-way through a leave year will be granted a proportion of the annual leave entitlement at the rate of 1/365th of the annual leave for each completed calendar day of service during that leave year.
  6. Every employee is expected to take their leave entitlement within the leave year.
  7. 5 days leave (37 hours full time equivalent, pro rata for part time employees) may be carried forward to the following leave year by agreement with the Line Manager. Applications to carry forward more than 5 days leave must be made in writing to the Head of Department; authorisation will be agreed only in exceptional circumstances and will be limited to a maximum of 10 days’ leave (74 hours full time equivalent, pro rata for part time employees).
  8. Any leave carried over to the next leave year must be used by 31 December, or where the leave year has been varied by local agreement, within the first 3 months of that leave year.
  9. If permission to carry over leave has not been granted, it will be lost.
  10. Leave untaken in excess of 10 days will be lost.
  11. The University will not pay employees for leave not taken as an alternative to carrying it over to the next leave year.
  12. Managers and staff are responsible for identifying well in advance situations where the amount of leave untaken may lead to problems.
  13. When employees move posts within the University they will be expected to take their leave entitlement prior to their date of transfer.
  14. Employees leaving the University are expected to take any outstanding leave entitlement during their notice period. Where this is not possible due to the constraints of the service, they may receive payment for any days leave carried over from the previous leave year, and the proportion of entitlement for the period during which they have worked during the final leave year.

5. Responsibilities

Role Responsible for
  • Keeping a record of annual leave allowance and leave taken
  • Ensuring that adequate leave is retained for use on ‘Customary Leave’ days and Public / Statutory holidays
  • Identifying well in advance situations where the amount of leave untaken may lead to problems
Line Managers
  • Authorising and monitoring the taking of annual leave by their staff
  • Identifying well in advance situations where the amount of leave untaken may lead to problems
Heads of Department
  • Considering and, where appropriate, authorising carry over of leave in excess of 5 days up to a limit of 10 days
HR Services
  • Providing guidance on calculating annual leave

6. Monitoring and review of policy

Application of the policy will be monitored by the Director of HR.

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  • Last reviewed: 31 January 2009