1. Introduction

1.1 The University Strategy 2014-2020 outlines our unconditional commitment to excellence as measured by the highest national and international standards. We operate in a global environment aiming to be among the best universities in the world encouraging creativity, independence, enterprise and initiative.

1.2 We aim to provide an environment that attracts the very best staff and students from all over the world, encourages and facilitates academic endeavour, and provides a supportive atmosphere for the development and sharing of knowledge.

1.3 Guided by these values, we seek to build a University that distinguishes itself in the world-leading quality of its research, in its outstanding teaching, and in the quality and value of the students' university experience.

1.4 In support of the University Strategy, we aim to recruit academic staff who are, or have the potential to become, international leaders in their disciplines.

1.5 To ensure we are able to attract and retain the very best academics internationally, we operate the recruitment and retention benefit of a tuition fee discount for the children of overseas (non-UK/EU) staff.

1.6 Whilst it is acknowledged that the vast majority of our overseas appointments are academics, this policy also applies to support staff.

2. Policy statement

2.1 The children of overseas (non-UK/EU) staff members are eligible for a tuition fee reduction for full-time undergraduate programmes subject to the conditions detailed in this policy. The student would be treated for fee purposes as a Home/EU student. The tuition fee reduction applies where the student would, in the absence of this policy, incur the overseas charge rate. The tuition fee will be reduced from the Overseas tuition fee rate to the UK/EU rate. Information on Undergraduate fees may be found at: http://www.york.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/fees-funding.

3. Criteria to assess eligibility of application

3.1 Staff groups and grades

3.1.1 This policy applies to both academic and support staff of all grades however, it is acknowledged that the vast majority of overseas appointments are to senior academic posts.

3.2 Contractual status

3.2.1 The tuition fee reduction is available for staff on permanent and fixed term contracts. It is not available to individuals engaged on a casual basis paid on the fees payroll. It does not apply to children of staff who hold an honorary contract with the University.

4. Duration of the fee reduction

4.1 If a member of staff ceases employment at the University the tuition fee reduction will not be renewed for the next academic year, and the student will be expected to pay the overseas tuition fee rate.

4.2 At the start of each academic year the member of staff will be required to apply for the student tuition fee reduction for their child by completion of form OFR.

5. Student recruitment

5.1 The recruitment of the student is subject to the normal entry and course-specific requirements and operates independently of the tuition fee reduction policy. Similarly, this policy does not exempt the student from the normal UKVI requirements for obtaining a Tier 4 visa, if applicable.

6. General conditions

6.1 An eligible child is the member of staff's natural child, adopted child, child under legal guardianship.

6.2 Children must be under 25 years of age on the 1st September immediately prior to the academic year in which their studies commence.

6.3 The member of staff must be the mother, father, adopter, guardian or is married/civil partner to or the partner of the child's mother, father, adopter or guardian and has/has had responsibility for the child's upbringing.

Note: Partner means a person (whether of different or the same sex) who has lived with the child and the mother, father, adopter or guardian in an enduring relationship but who is not a relative.

6.4 Evidence of a birth certificate, official court documentation or similar certification must be produced. Failure to provide this information will result in the tuition fee reduction policy not being applied.

6.5 The tuition fee reduction is available to an unlimited number of eligible children.

6.6 The tuition fee reduction applies to the first registration only for an Undergraduate course, but students may be permitted to undertake an internal course transfer whilst at the University during the same period of study.

6.7 The tuition fee reduction does not apply to students who are enrolled on a programme at an equivalent level to a completed qualification they already hold.

6.8 The value of any external sponsorship or other external support will be deducted from the tuition fees in order to determine the personal liability for fees against which the tuition fee reduction is given.

6.9 The employment of the member of staff must begin within the same academic year as the start of the child's undergraduate degree course. If the employment of the member of staff begins after the start of the child's undergraduate degree course, any applicable tuition fee reduction will be applied retrospectively when the member of staff starts working for the University.

6.10 The tuition fee reduction is available for a maximum of 5 years of undergraduate study.

7. Allocating the cost

7.1 The department where the student is enrolled will receive a tuition fee equal to the prevailing Home/EU student for the programme in question. No resource would be transferred to or from the Department with the staff member or the Department enrolling the student.

8. Authorisation of application

8.1 Individuals should contact the HR Partner for their department to discuss an application for a tuition fee reduction. The HR Partner will advise the individual to complete Sections A and B of the form. HR Services will check the information provided by the individual against the HR database. On this basis, the HR Partner will verify the individual's eligibility for the tuition fee reduction.

8.2 HR Services will complete Section C of the form and the HR Partner will sign Section D of the form to confirm their recommendation to the Head of Department that the tuition fee reduction application be supported. If the HR Partner has any concern that the tuition fee reduction should not be supported/approved, s/he will discuss this with the Head of Department/Dean.

8.3 If the HR Partner is recommending the tuition fee reduction be supported/approved, HR Services will send the form to the Head of Department to complete Section D of the form.

8.4 If supported by the HoD, the application will then be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty in which the staff member is employed for authorisation by completion of Section E of the form. In the case of a staff member in Professional Services the application, if supported by the HoD, will then need to be submitted to the Academic Registrar for authorisation.

8.5 For the first year the completed form including the HR recommendation, HoD support and Dean authorisation should be sent to HR Services. HR Services will send the form to Student Recruitment and Admissions to be actioned and a copy retained on the individual's file. In subsequent years the completed form will be sent to Student Services.

8.6 It is understood that most applications will be supported but if there are concerns about the support for any application, this should be discussed with the HR Partner for the department in order to ensure consistency and the application of equality of opportunity principles.

8.7 If there is a dispute in the event of an application not being supported, this should be dealt with under the University's Grievance Procedure.

9. Monitoring, reporting and review

9.1 The application of the tuition fee reduction policy will be monitored by Finance and HR and reported to Remuneration Committee annually in line with the reporting of benefits in kind.

9.2 The tuition fee reduction policy will be reviewed 3 years after implementation or sooner if EU students become ineligible for fees at the same level as Home students.

10. Documents

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