The University of York Pension Fund is run by the University of York Pension Trust Limited ("the Trustee"). The Trustee is a separate body from the University.

There are nine Directors of the Trustee Board.

Four of the Directors are appointed by the University's Council. These are:

  • Paul Bushnell
  • John Lister
  • Adrian Murgatroyd, Finance
  • Vacancy

Four of the Directors are elected by the Fund's members. They serve terms of four years and can be re-elected. These are:

  • James Coates (current term expires 12.03.2025)
  • Tim Franklin, Pensioner Director (current term expires 12.03.2025)
  • Mike Hodgkinson, Biology (current term expires 31.07.2026)
  • Stephen Bradley (current term expires 26.07.2028)

There is one independent professional Director, who has been elected as Chair of the Board by the Directors. This is:

Member Nominated Director election

Are you a member of the University of York Pension Fund, and want to help run your scheme? Here's your chance! We currently have a vacancy to join the Trustee Board as Member Nominated Director (referred to as MND).

What is an MND?

There are four MNDs who work with the four Employer Nominated Directors and an independent professional Chair to run the University of York Pension Fund. They are elected by members of the Fund for a term of four years and can stand for subsequent re-election.

But I don't know anything about pensions. Don't worry - you're still able to get involved.

MNDs have professional advisers to help them carry out their duties and perform the role effectively. Resources are provided by the University to carry out administration on behalf of the MNDs. There is a training programme available to help new MNDs develop their pensions knowledge and there are also training opportunities available throughout the year. Directors attend around four meetings per year.

What does an MND do?

  • Represent the interests of all members of the Pension Fund
  • Act within the law and in accordance with the terms of the Fund's Trust Deed and Rules
  • Oversee and protect the financial position and integrity of the Fund
  • Decide on investment strategy
  • Monitor and amend benefits provided

Who can be an MND?

  • An MND must be aged 18 or over
  • MNDs are usually contributing members of the Fund
  • Certain people can't be MNDs (such as those declared bankrupt or with criminal convictions relating to dishonesty)
  • The University can, in rare circumstances, bar an unsuitable candidate from election

How do I get involved?

We'll be running sessions where you can hear about being an MND from a current member of the Board to find out what the position involves. If you're interested in attending one of these sessions, please complete our MND expression of interest form

If you want to put yourself forward for the position of MND, complete this Application Form before 5pm 31st March 2023.

Application Form

We're particularly keen to strengthen the diversity of the Board and applications are therefore encouraged from under-represented groups (which includes women, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, disabled, LGBTQ + and gender-diverse candidates).

Any questions?

Call Gillian, the Pensions Manager on (01904 32) 4805 or email to find out more. We'd love to have you on board!