Normal retirement

If you retire at the age of 65 there is no early retirement reduction to your pension.

Early retirement

The minimum early retirement age is 55 excluding ill-health retirement or, in limited circumstances, those with a protected right to retire earlier.

To retire between age 55 and 60, you must have at least 10 years membership and your employer must agree to you retiring early.

From the age of 60 you are able to retire without your employer's permission and do not need to have 10 years membership.

Late retirement

You can continue working past the normal pension age of 65 and can continue to contribute to the Pension Fund provided you haven't reached the membership limit of 40 years.

Your pension will then normally be paid on the end of your employment unless you have discussed with your employer about phased retirement.

You must draw your pension from the University of York Pension Fund before the age of 75.

Phased retirement

Phased retirement is available from the Fund for employees of those employers who have a phased retirement policy in place. Currently, phased retirement is only available to employees of The University of York and York Conference Limited.

Provided your employer agrees, then phased retirement potentially allows you greater flexibility in your employment and pension arrangements. Depending upon your employer's policy, it allows you to draw some or all of your accrued pension and tax-free cash while you continue working, provided you permanently reduce your working hours and salary.

Read the University of York's Phased Retirement policy or contact Louise Mouncey at York Conferences Limited for details of their policy.

Scheme rules for non-active members

If you are receiving a pension from the Fund then the current version of the Rules does not usually apply to those benefits. Instead the version of the rules that were in force at the time of your retirement would usually apply to those benefits. Those rules are not published here, but are available for inspection, upon your written request.

Contact the Pensions Team

Financial advice

The decisions that you make at retirement will affect the income that you receive for the rest of your life, and members may wish to seek financial advice before deciding what they want to do with their pension and what benefit package they choose to take.

The Directors of the Pension Trust Company and administrators of the University of York Pension Fund are able to provide factual information regarding benefits accrued in the Fund but cannot provide financial advice. There are additional sources of general guidance available from the Pensions Advisory Service* and the Money Advice Service*.

* The University of York Pension Fund is not responsible for the content or accuracy of external websites

If you have paid into the Fund's money purchase AVC facility you may also be able to seek specific guidance on your options when you retire from the government operated Pension Wise service. Visit for more information.

If you do not qualify to receive guidance from Pension Wise or require specific financial advice, you will need to seek this from an appropriately qualified financial adviser. The University of York Pension Fund is not able to recommend a specific adviser and does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of any advice received or acted upon.