Your first opportunity to join the Fund will be from the date that you have completed three years continuous employment. You must also:

  • be aged at least 18 and not more than 60
  • not be eligible to join the Universities Superannuation Scheme
  • not be a member of The People's Pension, unless your membership is in respect to your own contributions only

Why join the scheme

It doesn't cost as much as you think due to tax relief on pension contributions.

Your employer will contribute towards your pension, and the value of your contributions to the Fund increases as your salary does.

Finally, life cover and dependant's pensions are included in the cost of your contributions.

Lump sum life cover

One of the benefits of membership of the Fund is that a lump sum may be payable to your dependants if you die in service and are under age 65.

This lump sum is only payable to the extent that it is underwritten by the Fund's insurers. Overseas business and leisure travel is generally underwritten, however, business travel overseas to a restricted country is excluded from cover. Therefore, if a member dies on business travel overseas to a restricted country, the lump sum may not be payable.

Becoming a member

If you apply to join the University of York Pension Fund once you are eligible and your application is accepted, you will be entered into Tier 3. There will be no opportunity to join the Lower or Higher Tier at any time in the future.

Download the UoY Pension Application form [pdf]