Managing your pension with The People's Pension

You have online access to your account with The People's Pension and once you've set this up you'll be able to see how much your pension pot is worth, and make changes to where your money is invested. To set up your account:

  • Manage your pension

  • Fill out the online form and follow the on screen instructions
  • You'll need your membership number, which is in the joiner pack that The People's Pension will send to you when you are enrolled into the scheme
  • If you need any help, give The People's Pension a call on 0300 2000 555

Nominating your beneficiaries

Unfortunately some members will die before they are able to take their benefits from The People's Pension. If this happens to you, the value of your pension pot can be paid as a lump sum to one or more of your beneficiaries.

You can tell The People's Pension which people or organisations you would like it to consider as your beneficiaries by nominating your beneficiaries through your online account. Find out more about how to nominate your beneficiaries.

Transferring benefits

You may be able to transfer benefits from a previous pension into The People's Pension. You will need a form from The People's Pension, which you can obtain from your online account.