Role evaluation is the process used to determine the grade for a role. The aim is to grade jobs fairly and ensure equal pay for work of equal value.

At York, we use two systems:

All jobs in Grades 1-8 have been evaluated using the HERA system. When a job is evaluated it gets a points score which determines the grade. The job is then given a HERA role.

When does a role need evaluating?

When changes in the type of work needed lead to new or changed job descriptions, they must be checked by HR. This can be part of a recruitment or restructuring process, or a reflection of more gradual changes to a role.

Speak first to your HR Adviser. They will check the job description/person specification and tell you if:

  • it's still an appropriate match for the existing HERA role
  • it can be matched to a different HERA role
  • it needs to be formally evaluated

Have a new role evaluated

Request a review of an existing role

Senior roles

If you need to review a role at Grade 8 or above, the review will need to use the Hay system. Contact us at for support with this process.