Professorial pay and promotion application form - eligible professors can apply up until 28 June 2019

We encourage our Professors to consider making an application for promotion or pay review. If you are unsure about whether to make an application, please discuss this with your Head of Department.


Each year eligible professors have the opportunity to apply for an individual pay review or for promotion to a higher band.

To be eligible for review you must:

  • have held a chair at the University on or before 1 October in the previous year
  • have not had a pay review outside of the usual procedures (eg for retention purposes or linked to extending your term as HoD) since August in the previous year
  • not be on a fixed-term contract ending before November in the current year

Heads of Department beginning or ending their terms are also invited to submit documentation for professorial salary alignment depending upon current professorial grade.

These arrangements do not apply to clinical academic staff for whom there are separate nationally agreed arrangements.