To be eligible for professorial promotion you must:

  • have held a chair at the University on or before 1 October in the previous year
  • have not had a pay review outside of the usual procedures (eg for retention purposes) since August in the previous year
  • not be on a fixed-term contract ending before November in the current year

These arrangements do not apply to clinical academic staff for whom there are separate nationally agreed arrangements.

What can I apply for?

Pay review
Current professorial grade / band What you can apply for
Band 1-1, salary points 3-6 (below the bar) Accelerated increments*
Band 1-2, salary points 7-12 (above the bar) Accelerated increments**
Band 2 Individual pay review
Band 3 Individual pay review

*Excludes professors at Band 1, salary point 6: they cannot increment further without first applying to cross the bar via the professorial promotion process
**Excludes professors at Band 1, salary point 11 or 12