Sometimes the best way of achieving team cohesion and commitment is through dedicated team development time.

Our bespoke training can meet those requirements through tailored workshops, development events and by targeting specific initiatives within your teams or departments.

Team workshop

There are times when you'd like your whole team to experience a workshop but it's not on a convenient date or too few spaces are available.

The Learning and Development can help by providing tailored workshops where the entire team can benefit at the same time.

Team development event

New changes in the work environment affect us all, bringing with them changes and challenges. One way of tackling these changes is through a diagnostic, designed to understand the team’s strengths and development opportunities therein.

The Learning and Development Team is qualified to run a number of diagnostic tools to help your team become more efficient and effective. These diagnostics include:

  • Team Management System (TMS)
  • Myers Briggs Type indicator (MBTI)
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Targeted team event for a specific initiative

Does your team need to make a change in the way business is done? Do you need your team to engage with a new initiative? We can facilitate your event to enable increased adoption and focus from your team.

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We are currently prioritising bespoke programmes which are aligned to organisational strategy. If you have a bespoke request please discuss this with your Operations Manager.