Occupational Health are seeking volunteers for a pilot on managing fatigue

Occupational Health are seeking volunteers who would be interested in taking part in a 12 week Fatigue Pilot run with Sheffield Hallam and the Salus Fatigue Foundation. The Salus Fatigue Foundation are not-for-profit specialists who aim to promote and protect the good health of people who live with fatigue and related conditions. Salus specialise in Chronic Fatigue, ME, and Fibromyalgia. The pilot will also be particularly relevant for those suffering from the effects of Long Covid.

By joining the programme, you will have full access to Salus's services. This includes one Wellbeing educational workshop or support group per week, delivered via Zoom by their qualified Health Practitioners. You will also have access to their online Fatigue Wellbeing Hub which includes a week by week journey to wellness course and helpful content on topics such as sleep, nutrition, menopause and stress.

Participants will be asked to complete 3 short surveys from Salus; one at the start, one 6 weeks in and one at the end. A feedback questionnaire will also be provided from the University of York to determine whether this type of support and guidance would be beneficial to continue in the future.

If you are interested in participating, please use the short form to submit your name and contact email. Details are submitted in confidence and will only be seen internally by the Occupational Health team before being passed to Salus. Salus will then contact you directly with all necessary links and information. The 90-day pilot is currently expected to commence on 10 June.

Places on the pilot will be allocated on a first come, first served basis but we are ideally looking for a cross section of staff from all areas of the University.

For additional information or queries, please contact occupational-health@york.ac.uk

Find out more about the services offered by the Salus Foundation

Salus recently held a zoom session which focussed on spreading awareness and understanding of fatigue related conditions. At the session, Linda Jones from Salus Fatigue Foundation shared her own personal experience of CFS. This session was recorded and is available to watch on youtube. Indiviuals can also find out more about the services offered by Salus, on the Salus FAQ webpage.