A summary of survey results and next steps

We understand that colleagues are keen to understand more about the future of home working and the return to work on campus.

We have started to analyse the responses to our return to campus survey. This will contribute to shaping University policies and guidance for the future of working at York. We would like to share the initial survey results and provide an update on the next steps.

Survey results

  • The survey received over 2400 responses which represents over 50% of employed staff.
  • The majority of staff would prefer to attend campus either on a flexible basis (34%) or on 1 or 2 days per week (29%).
  • Most staff would also prefer a working space that provides a combination of collaborative/quiet/private spaces depending on their work commitments at the time (64%).

A more detailed breakdown of the results is available here.

The headline message from the survey responses is that colleagues want flexibility to decide what their own return to campus would look like and that this will not be a one-size-fits-all policy - it will depend on their job role; personal preferences and needs.

Colleagues across the University are currently working together to formulate new policies and guidance that have inbuilt flexibility, and these will be discussed at future Executive Board meetings.

Current working arrangements

We ask that individuals continue to work from home, where possible, in line with government guidance. The University is progressing advice in conjunction with the government roadmap and will continue to provide updates as new policy and working arrangements evolve.