What action do I need to take?

It is the responsibility of managers to:

  • with their Head of Department, identify the statutory and compliance training appropriate for their staff, including:
    • identifying training which should form part of an individual's induction programme
    • arranging for any statutory and compliance training required that is beyond the University of York's central provision
  • agree with their staff members that this statutory and compliance training is both relevant and timely
  • determine and record if any prior learning is sufficient to meet the University's requirements (although some staff may have received training elsewhere, much of the statutory and compliance provision will be placed in the context of the practices and processes of the University)
  • prioritise the attendance of staff at training events based on factors such as relevance, timeliness and training availability
  • ensure staff are booked on the identified training
  • keep records of their staff's attendance and follow up should any staff:
    • fail to attend
    • fail to reach the appropriate competence
  • take appropriate action based on any update or amendment to the University's statutory and compliance training provision

When identifying training, it is important to consider the relevance and timeliness of the training to an individual. For example, in the area of fixed-term contracts, if you are a line manager but do not have any members of your team on a fixed term contract or are not likely to in the foreseeable future, this training would not currently be seen as appropriate.