Professional@York is about valuing our support staff in their contribution to York's ambitious agenda. Since its launch in 2015, we are building on our success to date by moving to shorter themed forums that will enhance accessibility for all, based on attendee feedback.

It has been developed to:

  1. Connect colleagues around common areas of interest
  2. Enhance efficiency by sharing and embedding best practice
  3. Collaborate around strategic challenges to enhance institutional agility
  4. Align departmental priorities around those of the institution
  5. Create a culture of empowerment and ownership by engaging more with this audience
  6. Provide greater choice and flexibility to individuals to engage with the initiative

We do this through on-going events and development opportunities, designed to both celebrate and help advance the careers of support staff at the University.

  • Forums focused on strategic objectives

    Themed forums held once a term (three a year) on key areas of organisational development, often around a strategic University theme.

  • In a nutshell

    One hour sessions run frequently across the year which give staff the chance to hear from experts from across the University on their field of expertise.

  • Leadership lunches
  • YO10 Community charter

    Our mission is to foster a collaborative approach to business and cultural change as we believe it is the best way of delivering success

  • DACs

    Development and assessment centres (DACs) comprise a range of exercises designed to assess current and potential capability in different areas, normally observed by a number of assessors.

  • VC Talks
  • Tech@York

    One day annual conference and frequent, shorter, events usually combining an invited speaker with a chance to meet and network.

  • Graduate Scheme

    Part of the Ambitious Futures programme:

  • Admin Forums

    The Forum is open to any member of staff in an administrative role who feels they would benefit from networking with other members of administrative staff at the University. To join the Administrators' forum mailing list for news please email

  • Professional@York awards

    The Awards have been developed to celebrate, acknowledge and reward the achievements of individuals and teams working in support roles across the University.

  • The York Research Administrators Forum

    Established to promote thoughtful, sustained interaction among research administrators.

  • Skill workshops

    Initially built around IT literacy and competence, these workshops are focused on specific themes or topics and are run on an ad hoc basis.