How could I benefit?

We are aware through our staff survey and other feedback that career development is very important to individuals.

As well as gaining insight into personal leadership preferences and career motivations, those who attend the development and assessment centres:

  • have an increased awareness of their performance and potential
  • create a development plan tailored to their role and career aspirations
  • 1-1 coaching and support to enable you to achieve your potential

The development and assessment centres act as a great career and development 'MOT': helping you understand your strengths, preferences, development priorities and allowing you to hone your future aspirations and actions.

What people have said

The centre gave us all a chance to strip back the specificities of what we do and focus on the behaviours we use to undertake both the everyday tasks and the more challenging ones. It allowed me to re-evaluate myself and to see potential where I didn't see it before and to see ways of developing, changing and improving existing behaviours. Thank you again.


The experience was very empowering and has already inspired me to initiate changes in my department and to re-consider ways in which I approach tasks.