A selection of LinkedIn Learning collections to support your personal and skills development.

You do not need to complete all courses or elements of a collection, choose whichever courses and materials within that suit your interests. Additional content, resources and support from the University of York are linked within each collection.

IT essentials

Essential skills to arm yourself with when working at the University, including courses and guidance on Windows, Gmail, Zoom, Slack and Google Calendar.

Google Workspace essentials

Courses covering the essential Google Workspace Applications, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive.

Microsoft Office essentials

Courses covering essential Microsoft Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Digital wellbeing

It can often be difficult to balance our digital-lives with our mental and physical health. These resources aim to get you thinking about how your digital activities can impact your health and ways to help manage your digital wellbeing.

Digital creativity

A smorgasbord of courses and resources on topics related to digital creativity. From 3D printing, to virtual reality, to media editing...dip your toe in and learn something new! See also the links to the library's Creativity Lab and their 3D printing makerspace: YorCreate.

Coding and programming essentials

This collection contains a variety of courses related to coding and programming in various coding languages. To decide which language is best for your future programming plans, we would advise that you first read the Coding Practical Guide from the DISC team to learn a bit more before diving into courses.

Digital communications

In the digital age, accurately conveying tone and intent through your communications can be a daunting task. This collection encourages you to explore the intricacies of online interaction and discover ways to communicate digitally with mindfulness and precision.

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of disabilities or specific needs, can navigate and interact with digital content. This collection of LinkedIn Learning courses and resources covers key accessibility principles you can utilise to create more inclusive digital experiences.