The Leadership in Action programme is aimed at those who have line management responsibility as part of their role.

It has been developed around three core themes:

  • Managing and developing self
  • Managing and developing others
  • Managing within the University

About the programme

Eight modules are delivered over ten days of training, with coaching sessions between modules.

The objective of the programme is to:

  • provide the essential knowledge and understanding required to perform leadership and management roles effectively
  • develop relevant skills, attitudes and behaviours of those who hold leadership and management roles within the University
  • create a supportive and effective framework to share best practice and explore solutions to challenges within leadership and management roles
  • support University Strategy by developing and empowering leaders and managers to achieve high performance
  • maximise the potential of our managers and leaders
  • provide departments with management and leadership skills which will assist them in meeting their aims and objectives
  • contribute to a culture of continuous professional development

How to apply

Information on when and how to apply will be released through the HR website, HR Roundup (newsletter) and announced on our twitter feed - @UniOfYorkHR. For application dates and details of when the programmes run visit: Leadership and management programmes in 2019/20