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I have done so many training courses over the years, I have lost count. I have even done 'media' courses where you conduct mock interviews on camera and view yourself back on screen. But better than any of these was the '360 Feedback' I recently completed. With carefully selected peers and direct reports commenting (anonymously) frankly and openly on one's strengths and weaknesses, one's principles, '360' creates the opportunity to take a good hard look at the way others see you. There really is nothing like it. It is difficult, but it is liberating and it provides genuine opportunity to think about one's development and improvement, as a leader and as a colleague. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Dr John Schofield, Head of Archaeology

The most useful and informative module. The 360 was a revelation and the HR support excellent at the feedback

360 terrifying, but very useful!

360 very honest and extremely useful. Pleasant surprises