1. Report the incident

Contact Security Services on 01904 32 3333 and state the nature of the emergency.

2. Put safety first

Ensure that staff and students are removed from danger or further exposure to distressing circumstances. Reassure them and keep as calm as possible. It is important to react immediately after the incident and ensure that all members of staff receive support as soon as possible. The Mental Health First Contact network can assist with this.

3. Acknowledge the seriousness of what has occurred

Make sure those involved understand that their distress is normal and to be expected, given the circumstances. Help to put them at ease. Respond to any questions and any concerns they may have, and encourage them to talk about what has happened.

4. Understand what support they might need

Ask those involved what they would find helpful eg contacting a family member or friend or seeing a counsellor. Assist them in getting this support. Speaking to someone who is completely objective who understands what you are going through, without judgement, can often be very helpful.

The University's Employee Assistance Service provides staff with independent, free and confidential telephone support, online resources and counselling. The core service is also available to those who do not have English as a first language.

Remember that you also need to look after yourself whilst supporting others as you may also have been affected by the incident and the aftermath of dealing with it.

5. Promote a return to normal routine

Emphasise things which are reliable and stable and where possible, encourage those affected to maintain usual routines. A sense of safety and security can be established by a return to normality, as far as is possible under the circumstances.

6. Monitor and follow-up

Reactions can vary between individuals and groups, so be aware of changes in people's work performance or attendance in the days and weeks following an incident. It is possible for delayed reactions to develop so be mindful that follow-up support may be required.