Concerned about bullying / being bullied?

The University is committed to creating a fair, welcoming and inclusive environment where bullying and harassment are unacceptable.

To find out more read the guidance on bullying / harassment.

Stress due to a work relationship

If you think a relationship at work is the cause of your stress you may want to talk to your manager, who may:

  • facilitate a conversation with the person involved, or talk to you both about using the University's Mediation Service
  • refer you to a Harassment Adviser or talk to the Equality and Diversity Team

If the relationship causing your stress is with your manager, you may want to talk first to their manager or to an HR Adviser.

Stress in response to a situation at work eg grievance, disciplinary or performance management issue

We recognise that some work situations, by their nature, can be stressful eg grievances, disciplinary action or performance management. Immediate support for managers and employees is available from Health Assured.

If the work relationship has become difficult or broken down then you are advised to contact your HR Adviser for advice and support. This may extend to meetings with the individuals as well as assessing whether it may be better for someone else to handle communications while the relationship is repaired.

Your HR Adviser might suggest mediation to help resolve the difficulties between the two of you.


The University's mediation service is open to all staff and is an informal, confidential way of resolving differences within the workplace.

To find out more visit the webpages on mediation.