Do you travel abroad for work or manage staff that do? Staff are required to complete a risk assessment before they travel abroad.

Completion of a risk assessment requires consideration of any health issues and advice is available to help you complete an assessment:

Completing a travel risk assessment

If managers or staff have specific concerns and would like further advice regarding fitness to travel, a discussion between the individual concerned and their manager should take place. Our health question prompt may assist in discussions with your manager.

Download health check prompt

If deemed appropriate a manager may refer them to Occupational Health using the OH management referral form:

Refer staff to Occupational Health

Note that Occupational Health provides a medical advisory service only. This may assist a manager in making a decision regarding an individual's fitness to travel or to identify particular support that may be required to assist them to travel. Occupational Health does not complete travel risk assessments or provide travel vaccinations to staff.

Infectious Diseases and Protection Abroad

The type of vaccinations you might need depends on which country your visiting, how long for and what you're work there will involve.

Vaccination and travel health guidance for specific locations changes over time and you should check up-to-date information before scheduled travel abroad.

Checking current protection

First, phone or visit your GP or practice nurse to find out whether your existing UK immunisations are up-to-date.

Your GP or practice nurse can give you a booster of your UK vaccinations if required. You can discuss your travel plans with them, including what vaccinations you might need.

Depending on the vaccination, there may be a charge for this service.

Up-to-date travel vaccination and health risk advice

Travel vaccines

For further information on recommended immunisation schedules, please see the Department of Health guidance.

NHS comprehensive guidance

The NHS provides comprehensive guidance on a range of travel health topics including advice for people travelling with specific health conditions.