The guidance below is designed to help individuals and managers assess possible risk to health, based on role type and level of vulnerability to covid-19. The guidance is for all staff but may be particularly useful for those who are immunocompromised or clinically vulnerable. The guidance details three steps to take when assessing the risks to health:

  1. Determining the vulnerability and Covid-age of the individual
  2. Identifying high/medium/low risk workplace activities based on the individual's role
  3. Applying a risk matrix to aid decision making based on the current local viral prevalence.

Staff members who consider themselves to be clinically vulnerable, and their line managers, should read the guidance and follow the individual steps to assess how the current viral prevalence rate affects what parts of their role they are able to fulfil. Given this assessment, it may be that the staff member will need to have an adjustment to their responsibilities, work location and / or working pattern etc.

The list of job roles, workplace activities and immunocompromised medical conditions covered in the guidance are provided as examples and should not be considered exhaustive.

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