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Reward and recognition

Rewards Extra

Rewards Extra is the University's staff benefits package. It includes pensions, annual leave and sick pay together with tax-efficient benefits and special offers.

Benefits include:

  • tax-free childcare vouchers
  • tax savings on bikes for commuters
  • discounted dental and medical care
  • discounted goods and services

Making the Difference

What's it for?

Rewarding staff who have made an outstanding one-off or short-term contribution. Awards are made by departments.

Who is eligible?

All employees with six or more months’ service. Nominations can be for either individuals or teams.

How are nominations made?

  • Individuals or teams can be nominated by:
    • the Head of Department
    • their manager
    • colleagues
    • students, clients and customers
    • or they can nominate themselves.
  • For more information, see the Making the Difference policy.

Rewarding Excellence

What's it for?

Rewarding staff who have made an outstanding sustained contribution over an appropriate period of time.

Who is eligible?

Employees who have 12 or more months' service at the nomination date unless they have had a role review or promotion in the previous 12 months

How are nominations made?

  • Employees may be nominated by their Head of Department (perhaps on the recommendation of a line manager) or they can nominate themselves.
  • If you nominate yourself, your Head of Department will need to confirm that all information is factually accurate.
  • For more information, see the Rewarding Excellence policy.

Last Updated: August 30, 2012 | Alex McFarlane

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August 30, 2012