Interest-free rail ticket loans repayable over twelve months

How it works

  • The University funds the purchase of an annual season ticket (up to a maximum value of £7,500) by way of an interest free loan
  • You repay the loan in twelve monthly instalments from your net salary (after tax and National Insurance have been deducted)
  • Your ticket is valid for travel between your two chosen stations and can be used at any time, including weekends, although it is intended for travel between home and work
  • You can use your annual season ticket on any train travelling between your two chosen stations
  • If your employment contract is for 12 months or fewer, please call 4860 to discuss your options.

How to apply

For further information and frequently asked questions visit:

  1. Submit an application form for your season ticket, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Season Ticket Loan Scheme. If this is your first application, you will also need to upload a passport-style photo.

    Submit an application form

  2. The Rewards-Extra team will review your application; you will be notified of application approval, or of any additional steps you need to take
  3. The team will contact you when your ticket has arrived and where to collect it.

It may take up to three weeks to process your application.

If your employment contract is only for 12 months, please call 4860 to discuss your options.

Important details

  • The maximum size of the loan is £7,500. Any tickets purchased that exceed this amount must be agreed by your manager and the employee. If the ticket is agreed, the employee must pay the exceeding amount by cash or cheque before the application is processed.
  • The rail pass will not renew automatically at the end of the twelve months: you will need to apply for a new ticket using the same process
  • If you leave the University before the full amount of your loan has been paid off, the outstanding amount will be automatically taken from your final salary unless you contact the Rewards Extra team to arrange the return of your ticket.
  • If you return your ticket before the expiry date you will be required to pay the outstanding balance to the University. Invariably this involves a charge as, in order to help spread the cost, the University deducts equal amounts from your salary each month whereas Northern charge over a 10 month period. In addition to any charge, an administrative fee of £10 will be payable. In a small number of instances a partial refund may apply.