If your child goes to the Campus Nursery, you can save money on the fees by paying through our Nursery Extra scheme.

Nursery Extra is a salary exchange scheme: the University pays the fees for you, and your pay is reduced by the same amount. This means that less income tax and NICs are taken from your pay each month, so you save money.

How much can I save?

A basic rate tax payer can save up to 29% of their childcare costs and a higher rate taxpayer can save up to 41%.

That means the annual cost of a full-time nursery place could be reduced by over £3,000 for a basic rate taxpayer and by over £4,000 for a higher-rate taxpayer.

For more information, read the Nursery's brochure on Nursery Extra [flipbook] and visit https://www.york.ac.uk/nursery/fees/ for information on current nursery costs.

How to apply

  1. You need to apply for this benefit online. You can do this either when you start at the University, or by submitting a benefit change form
  2. We will email you when we have unlocked this option in your online benefits profile
  3. Speak to the Campus Nursery to find out how much you need to be paying
  4. Log into your online benefits profile
  5. Click on 'Benefits' (in the blue bar) and navigate to the correct benefit
  6. Make your selection: input the monthly amount and click on the ‘Update’ button below
  7. Close your profile down by clicking on the large green button on the right and following the instructions

The first payment will go to the Campus Nursery at the end of the following month.