Appointments of more than one year can be on a fixed-term or open basis and should follow a recruitment process.

Fixed-term or open contract?

Fixed-term means the contract will come to an end on a particular date, after a certain event or on completion of a task. The reason for using a fixed term contract as opposed to an open contract must be given, and careful consideration should be given as to which is more appropriate.

If you make a fixed-term appointment, you should be aware of the arrangements at York for the management of fixed-term contracts.

Open contracts should be used where there is an expectation that the work will continue from one year to the next or where there are no defined timeframes.


Before you can start your recruitment exercise, you should have:

  • defined the purpose of the job and reviewed whether recruitment is the best way to meet that need
  • created a job description and person specification and had it graded
  • discussed your plans and your funding with your Head of Department and your department's management accountant/RGC contact

More information about these processes, and the subsequent advertising, selection and appointment processes, is on our recruitment pages.

Appointing staff following restructuring or redeployment

Less frequently, long-term appointments may be made without a recruitment process as a result of restructuring or redeployment processes. Your HR Partner or Adviser will advise you in such cases.