Why Cycle?

There are many reasons why cycling to and around campus will be of benefit to you, besides its obvious environmental benefits to everyone as a transport mode;

  • Keep fit - Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and can help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Save money - Riding a bike is significantly cheaper than driving a car. Once you've bought your bike it needs no fuel, insurance or tax...and it cost no where near as much to start with!
  • Go faster! - Commuter challenges in other UK cities have shown that the bike is the quickest mode of transport in congested urban traffic
  • Stay young! - Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person ten years younger. (Source: National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation, Sharp)
  • Free repairs - The University monthly 'Bike Doctor' sessions ensure that your bike can receive routine maintenance checks completely free of charge. To find out all the scheduled dates click here. A special discount has been agreed if major work is required!
  • Washing facilities - The University has installed showers in many areas for their employees who wish to freshen up after their early morning ride
  • University of York Pool Bike - Travelling around campus why not hire a bike for free for up to 48 hours! click here for more details.
  • Free and convenient parking - Ever see a cyclist looking for a parking space?! The University provides a large amount of cycle storage across campus...just find a space for your bike in one of the many facilities on campus and remember to lock it up!

Bicycles should be stored in the cycle sheds, and under no circumstances should they be left in residential blocks or under staircases or elsewhere in University buildings where their presence could cause a hazard, particularly in the event of an emergency when unimpeded access/egress is of vital importance.

Bicycles are left at your own risk; many bikes are stolen from University premises, particularly in the first term. Please be aware that the University is not liable for any loss, damage or theft to bicycles in storage. Be very careful, locking your bike whenever you leave it unattended.  You are advised to use a heavy duty cycle lock to secure your bicycle.

As a general rule, cycling is not allowed on covered walkways across campus. For the few areas where this does not apply, signs are posted to that effect. You should remember that the University has among its members a number of people at special risk, including those with mobility difficulties, blind and partially sighted people, and it is clearly essential that they are protected from unnecessary hazards of this kind. If you fail to observe this restriction you will be liable to a fine of £5 for a first offence, and repetition may lead to higher fines. You are free to cycle on all other external paths around the campus but you should keep to the paths and avoid crossing lawns.


University of York Cycle Terms and Conditions

1. Cycle parking facilities at University campuses and halls of residence
are owned and operated by the University of York and under no circumstances should they be left in residential blocks or under staircases or elsewhere in University buildings

2. Bicycles are parked at owners risk

3. Bicycles must be removed from University Accommodation Cycle storage over the
summer vacation - if you do want to store your bike over the summer vacation click here to find out more information.

4. All bicycles left in cycle storage must display a valid tag click here for details

5. Bicycles considered to have been abandoned will receive a fixed
notice and will be removed after 28 days notice.

6. Bicycles parked inconsiderately or inappropriately (blocking building
accesses, stairs or fire escapes, for example) will receive a fixed
notice and will be removed within 24 hours

7. Bicycles that have been removed - click here for full details

8. Bicycles remaining unclaimed after the period described click here for full details will be recycled.

9. The University will not be liable for the cost of replacement locks

10. The University reserves the right to amend these regulations at any

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Congratulations York Cycle Challenge! June 2014


The University have done exceptionally well in the York Cycle Challenge!

500+ size category

*2nd: University of York

200-499 size category

*2nd: University of York - Biology

50-199 size category

*1st: University of York – Economics


In June 2012 University of York came 2nd in the 500+ Category
In June 2013 University of York again came 2nd in the 500+ Category





Electric Bike


If you would like to try before you buy contact the Sustainable Travel and Transport Manager


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Cycle Journey Planner

Click here to see a cycle journey planner


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