The Global Consultant Buddy Scheme teams up current students with new international students in the Autumn Term.

The scheme aims to help new international students settle in and to meet students from the UK and from other countries. For existing students, the scheme provides an opportunity to develop employability skills, experience another culture and to make international friends. You will receive training and a certificate, as well as a detailed testimonial.

What’s involved?

We ask buddies to contact their students once a week - this might be by text, email, social media or phone. You should meet up with your buddies in person every two weeks. If you have more than one buddy, you can meet together as a small group. We will give you a list of suggested activities. It is possible to buddy online in the Autumn Term if you leave the University this summer. The scheme runs until the end of the Autumn Term but you're welcome to stay in touch beyond this, if you both want to.

We’re also asking you for an idea for a project to help integration of international and home students. The team producing the best idea will win £1000.

What training do I receive?

You will receive 20 hours of training (both face to face and online). Training will include: CQ/CI cultural Intelligence, Leadership, Creativity, English as a Lingua Franca, advanced digital literacy, mentoring and coaching as well as project management.

The training will run in week 8, week 9 or week 10 of Summer Term 2019 with other sessions across July and August.

How do I apply?

Get together with a colleague or fellow student(s) to work on an idea for an activity based on these themes:

  • Promoting integration and diverse campus communities
  • Encouraging cultural awareness
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Inclusive events
  • Improving inclusive student experience
  • Making a more welcoming campus for all
  • Internationalising the curriculum
  • A social event or party

Complete the application form with your names, your idea for a project and tell us a few things you enjoy doing.

Application deadline: midnight, Friday 7 June 2019

Apply to be a Global Consultant


Email Katy Mann Benn:

Wherever possible, you will be matched with one or more buddies who share a similar profile and interests to you - so hopefully you will have some things in common.

We sometimes try to buddy students from the same course, college or faculty; however not all students want this. The buddy scheme is based around cultural exchange and befriending - it is not an academic mentoring programme.

We know that some students want to meet a student from a particular country, perhaps to practice a certain language, for example. If you have expressed an interest in buddying a student from a certain country then we will try to take account of this during the buddy matching process, however we can't guarantee that we will be able to arrange this. 

Please also note that we will not usually match students of the same nationality (unless the newly arrived student has specifically asked for this). This is because one of the aims of the buddy scheme is to encourage intercultural exchange by pairing up international students with UK students, or with someone of a different nationality.

We won't be able to confirm which country your buddies are from until we start the matching process.

This depends on the ratio of new students to buddies; we won't know how many new students apply for a buddy until the autumn. Volunteers may have one or two buddies.

No! You are not expected to assist with academic work or proofread your buddy's English. The buddy scheme is based around cultural exchange and befriending, it is not an academic mentoring scheme. Before the scheme starts we will provide you with information about sources of support so that you can refer your buddy to appropriate assistance if necessary.

The fact that you and your buddy have both applied to join the scheme suggests that you're both open to new experiences and making new friends and, in our experience, most buddies get on well and there aren't too many problems. However we are here to support you and if you have any questions or problems, just let us know - we'll be happy to try to assist.

You may not be able to deal with all your buddy's questions or problems. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have to - we're here to support you. You will be trained on boundaries and when to refer.