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Judith Buchanan

Dean of the Faculty for the Arts and Humanities



As Dean, I oversee the work of the University’s eight Arts and Humanities Departments and related Centres and Institutes in relation to their teaching, research, management, finance and human resources and I represent the Faculty within and beyond the University.

I am a member of the University Executive Board and also serve on the University’s Planning Committee, Research Committee, Teaching Committee, Space Management Committee and Senate. I chair Faculty committees, including the Faculty Board, the Faculty Executive Group and the Faculty Learning and Teaching Group. I bring to the role: a strong commitment to research excellence, to attentive and dynamic pedagogy and to creative and mutually enriching external partnerships with arts, heritage, education and charitable organisations in the UK and internationally. 

Biography in Brief

I studied for my BA and PGCE degrees at the University of Bristol, and for the MPhil and DPhil at the University of Oxford. I held a JRF and then SRF at the University of Oxford, and taught in the Oxford English Faculty, before joining the Department of English and Related Literature at York in 2000.

I am a specialist in Shakespearean stage and screen performance history and in film studies, with particular expertise in film’s silent era. I have published extensively in Shakespeare studies, in adaptation studies and in the field of silent cinema. I have previously served as the Director of the Humanities Research Centre and as Associate Dean for Research at York.

I speak regularly to public audiences as well as to academics and work with actors and musicians to find dynamic new ways to bring silent films to contemporary audiences through my public engagement project Silents Now. I am currently co-writing a book with John Wyver, Director of Screen Productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company, about Shakespeare and live theatre broadcasts.

Roles and responsibilities

What is your day job?

From the Office of the Dean, I oversee and support the enterprises, plans and management of all the Arts and Humanities Departments, Centres and Institutes. I help to co-ordinate teaching and research plans and to develop strategic collaborations. I represent the Faculty within and beyond the University and help to foster productive links with other institutions both nationally and internationally.

In my capacity as Director of the Humanities Research Centre (HRC), I lead on the brokering and supporting of interdisciplinary research projects and the management of the HRC team.

As a member of the Department of English and Related Literature, I teach and supervise postgraduate students and pursue my research.

Role on The Board

I represent the interests of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities on the University Executive Board, and represent the business of the Board to the Faculty. I ensure that good ideas garner appropriate support, that plans in train are carefully scrutinised and resourced, that up-to-date information about developments is clearly communicated in both directions, and that change initiatives that affect the Faculty are efficiently and responsibly implemented.

About me

What matters to me?

It is a privilege to work with and for the high-functioning Faculty of Arts and Humanities at York whose work across disciplines is demonstrably excellent, and whose spirit is collegial. I try to ensure that priority activity is always underpinned and driven by the things that centrally matter: the pursuit and interpretation of knowledge, the nurturing of the life of the intellect and imagination and a generously inclusive view of what the University is and who it is for.

In the conduct of my management, teaching, research and public engagement responsibilities, I seek to maintain high standards of professional service, to broker contacts and nurture projects that deliver good things for multiple beneficiaries and to support the next generation of academics and of leaders in other spheres.

My vision for the University

I am proud that the University of York combines a strong commitment to the pursuit of scholarly excellence with positive and creative engagements with institutional partners and community groups beyond academia. Alongside excellent colleagues, I work to maintain and enhance the position of the York Arts and Humanities as a world-leading centre of research and learning and as a generous community responsive to the needs of city and region.


I am co-Chair of the Association of Adaptation Studies and a member of the global executive board of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes. I serve on several editorial boards for scholarly journals in the fields of early cinema, adaptation and Shakespeare studies, and on several advisory boards for research projects and research centres in Universities in the UK and internationally.

Beyond academia, my research also informs my work as:

Register of Interests

Register of interests (September 2017)

  • Silents Now - Director
  • Association of Adaptation Studies - Co-Chair 
  • York International Shakespeare Festival - Co-Director
  • Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes - Board Member
  • Trinity Long Room Hub - Board Member
  • Sheffield Humanities Research Institute - Advisory Group Member
  • York Guild of Media Arts - Member
  • International Shakespeare Association - Member
  • European Shakespeare Research Association - Member
  • Elsinore Shakespeare Research Centre - Advisory Board Member

(All non-remunerated)

  • Various external PhD examining (Queen's Belfast, Oxford, Reading)

2016-17 Expenses

Below are the travel and expenses for Professor Mark Ormrod (the former Dean of Faculty of Arts & Humanities) covering the period August 2016 to July 2017.

Mark Ormrod Expenses Aug-Oct 2016 (PDF , 1kb)

Mark Ormrod expenses Nov 16 - Feb 17 (PDF , 2kb)

Mark Ormrod expenses Feb - Apr 2017 (PDF , 1kb)

Mark Ormrod expenses May - Jul 2017 (PDF , 1kb) 

Below are the travel and expenses for Professor Judith Buchanan (as Acting Dean of Faculty of Arts & Humanities) covering the period February to July 2017.

Judith Buchanan expenses Feb - Apr 2017 (PDF , 3kb)

Judith Buchanan expenses May - Jul 2017 (PDF , 3kb) 


2015-16 expenses

Below are the travel and expenses for Professor Mark Ormrod (the former Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities) covering the period September 2015 to July 2016. 

Mark Ormrod expenses Sep 15 - Jan 16 (PDF , 5kb)

Mark Ormrod Expenses Feb-Apr 2016 (PDF , 100kb)

Mark Ormrod Expenses May - July 2016 (PDF , 3kb)


Contact details

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