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Is my Item/Paper Category 1 or Category 2?


Agenda are divided into Category 1 and Category 2. 

Category 1 is the Agenda containing items for active discussion and/or decision, noting that the Category 1 agenda should contain items whose main purpose is for the Board ‘to note’ or ‘for information’ by exception only.

The Category 2 agenda contains supplementary items such as appendices containing detailed data or narrative linked item on the Category 1 agenda, OR any other item for information or note, not to be discussed at the Meeting.

Category 1 items should be no more than a total of five sides in length, excluding the cover sheet (which should be no more than two sides when populated). There will be exceptions to the maximum, such as when a full report or Policy which needs to be longer than five sides needs to be presented for comprehension, completeness of compliance purposes in its entirety to the Board. Where there are necessary appendices and annexes to your paper which exceed the seven side limit, and where you need to provide the Board with key additional information, data and analysis, commentary, they should be submitted as a standalone, ie separate document to the main paper. These will then become an item on the Category 2 Agenda - For information. Items here can be longer than seven sides, but should still be kept to a minimum. All critical points for discussion or decision need to be on the Category 1 Agenda.

Advance notice of an item required of a Sponsor or identified by the Sponsor for submission should be flagged to the Board's Secretary (Adam Dawkins) or the Governance and Regulation Officer (Gill Gibbins) and the Board sponsor as soon as is possible.

Reminders will be sent in advance to Sponsors and Authors, but if a Board meeting date to present a paper has been agreed we will assume you are working to the deadlines. If a paper requires deferral, please let us know. 

Please let Gill Gibbins know in advance of final submission of your item:

  • The working or confirmed title of your item as soon as possible
  • An indication of the purpose and content of the paper to help us determine in which section of the Agenda it should be located
  • Whether the paper is for ‘approval’, ‘endorsement’, ‘consideration’ or ‘note’
  • Likely or known authors and those who may be invited to attend the Board meeting to speak to the item/paper.