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Policies and Programmes Committee

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of YGRS PGR Policies and Programmes Committee

Purpose of the committee

On behalf of York Graduate Research School Board (YGRSB), to assure the standards of postgraduate research (PGR) programmes, and to monitor and promote the enhancement of the quality of the academic experience of postgraduate researchers (PGRs).

Reporting structure

The PGR Policies and Programmes Committee (PPPC) is a sub-committee of, and reports to, YGRSB. YGRSB reports to Senate via University Research Committee. On matters relating to new PGR programme approval, PPPC reports directly to Senate. 

On matters relating to PGR assessment, the Standing Committee on Assessment reports to PPPC. SCA reports directly to Senate on the approval of PGR awards.

Terms of Reference

  1. To develop, monitor the implementation of,  and review regulations, policies and guidance relating to the standards of PGR programmes and the quality of the academic experience of PGRs (including supervision), including Regulation 2 and the Policy on Research Degrees (in conjunction with the Standing Committee on Assessment for assessment);
  2. To approve proposals for new PGR programmes, for the suspension/withdrawal of PGR programmes (with respect to the academic case), for modifications to PGR programmes and for collaborative PGR provision (recommending approval to YGRSB in the case of high risk ventures). Also to approve taught degree programmes taken only by PGRs as set out in the Policy on Research Degrees;
  3. To monitor the standards of PGR programmes and the quality of PGRs’ academic experience (including through data, surveys, and review processes) and ensure that appropriate action is taken in response; 
  4. To support the enhancement of PGR programmes and PGRs’ academic experience through the identification and dissemination of good practice and innovation in these areas (institutionally, nationally and internationally) and through the development and celebration of good practice and innovation in these areas at York;
  5. To promote PGR engagement on the standards and quality of PGR programmes and the academic experience of PGRs (in conjunction with the Graduate Students’ Association);
  6. To oversee Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) policy and its implementation as this impacts on PGRs (in conjunction with University Teaching Committee - which owns the Policy on GTAs - and Human Resources);
  7. To promote equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to all the above.



Ex officio

  • Dean of the York Graduate Research School (Chair)
  • Vice-President (Academic) of the GSA (or alternate) 
  • Chair of Special Cases Committee (or Deputy)
  • Chair of Standing Committee on Assessment (or Deputy)
  • Assistant Registrar: PGR and Financial Support (or alternate)
  • Head of the Policy, Integrity and Performance Team (or alternate)
  • Head of the Research Excellence Training Team (or alternate)
  • PGR Quality Support Officer (or alternate)(Secretary)


  • One departmental/faculty PGR representative (or alternate)
  • Up to two academics from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 
  • Up to two academics from the Faculty of Sciences 
  • Up to two academics from the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Graduate Administrator

In attendance

  • GSA Representation and Democracy Coordinator 
  • Minute Secretary: PGRA

Quoracy: One third of members. 

Terms of appointment

Appointed academic members should be current or former Graduate Chairs (or similar, eg DTP/CDT leads) and/or have considerable experience of supervising PGRs. At least one academic member should be serving on University Teaching Committee to provide a link to this committee. The Graduate Administrator member must be serving in that capacity. For appointed members the standard term of office is three years and maximum term is six years.



Unless otherwise stated, the deadline for receiving papers is two weeks before the meeting. 










Professor Kate Arnold
Dean of YGRS

Who to contact

For all PPC queries contact