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Policies and Programmes Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of YGRS Policies and Programmes Sub-Committee 2020/21

Purpose of the committee

On behalf of the York Graduate Research School Board, to develop and monitor strategies, policies and regulations relating to PGR programmes.

Reporting structure

Policies and Programmes Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of, and reports to, YGRSB. YGRSB reports to Senate via University Research Committee. On matters relating to new programme approval, PPSC reports directly to Senate.

Terms of Reference

  1. To develop and monitor strategies, policies and regulations relating to research degree programmes. With a focus on:
    1. regulations for research degree awards (Regulation 2) and the University’s Policy on Research Degrees (in conjunction with the Standing Committee on Assessment);
    2. policies and strategies relating to the nature of research degree provision at York, including collaborative research degrees;
  2. To approve proposals (under powers delegated by Senate) for new research degree programmes, for the suspension/withdrawal of research degree programmes (with respect to the academic case) and for modifications to research degree programmes. Also to approve taught degree programmes taken only by research degree students as set out in the Policy on Research Degrees;
  3. To approve proposals for collaborative provision involving research degree programmes (with reference to Senate as per policy);
  4. To monitor, and contribute to, the quality assurance and enhancement of research degree programmes, including through annual programme review, periodic review and institutional review;
  5. To promote student engagement on matters relating to the standards and quality of research degree programmes and the academic experience of students on those programmes (in conjunction with the Graduate Students’ Association);
  6. To consider the experience of PGRs serving as Graduate Teaching Assistants (working with University Teaching Committee);
  7. To consider ways of promoting equal opportunities and diversity in relation to all the above.



Ex officio

  • Dean of the York Graduate Research School
    Dr Kate Arnold (Chair)
  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning and Students)
    Professor Tracy Lightfoot
  • Representative of the Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities
    Dr Jeremy Goldberg
  • Representative of the Dean of Faculty of Sciences
    Dr Kelly Redeker
  • Representative of the Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences
    Dr Sally Hancock
  • Two representatives of the Graduate Studentsʹ Association
    • President of the GSA
      Ms Purnur Altay
    • Vice-President (Academic) of the GSA
      Ms Jane Baston
  • Assistant Registrar: Research and Financial Support
    Ms Susanna Broom
  • Chair of Special Cases Committee
    Dr Martin Cockett
  • Chair of Standing Committee on Assessment
    Professor Mike Bentley
  • Head of the Research Excellence Training Team
    Dr Karen Clegg
  • Head of the AQ Team (or their nominee)
    Dr Juliet James


  • Academic from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
    Dr Claire Chambers (to serve until 31/07/22)
  • Academic from the Faculty of Sciences
    Dr Dani Ungar (to serve until 31/07/23) (second term)
  • Academic from the Faculty of Social Sciences
    Dr Carolyn Snell (to serve until 31/07/23) (second term)

In attendance

  • Student Services Manager (Research)
    Helen Poyer
  • Minute Secretary
    Charlotte Chamberlain
  • Assistant Registrar: Student Progress
    Dr Jen Wotherspoon (as required)
  • Members of Research Student Administration (RSA) and AQ Team (as required)

The standard term for appointed faculty members is three years. The maximum term for appointed faculty members is six years.



Unless otherwise stated, the deadline for receiving papers is two weeks before the meeting. 


  • Wednesday 18 November 2020, 10am-12pm 
  • Further dates will be advertised once confirmed by the Timetabling Office






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