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Standing Committee on Assessment


Standing Committee on Assessment

The Chair and nine members appointed by the University Teaching Committee. The Chair should be an active member of the Teaching Committee. Membership of the committee should have, where possible, a balanced representation from across the three faculties.

The student members of the Committee shall not be present nor receive any papers for any business regarding the academic assessment of any individual student, or personal matters relating to any individual staff member, student or external examiner. 

Purpose of the Committee: on behalf of University Teaching Committee, to develop, consider, monitor and review policies and procedures relating to the assessment of all taught and research students; on behalf of Senate, to approve, report and monitor the results of assessment for University awards, including those of higher doctorates, and appoint internal and external examiners.

Reporting Structure: the Standing Committee on Assessment is a sub-committee of University Teaching Committee, but also reports directly to Senate on students’ achievement of University awards.


Terms of Reference

  1. To develop, consider, monitor and review policies and procedures relating to the assessment and progression of all taught and research students studying on programmes leading to a qualification of the university and to make recommendations to University Teaching Committee and York Graduate Research School Board;

  2. To make recommendations to Boards of Studies, departmental Graduate School Boards, University Teaching Committee, York Graduate Research School Board and Senate on matters of assessment  policy, strategy or practice. To keep the Special Cases Committee and other relevant committees informed about the implications of assessment-related decisions or recommendations;

  3. To commission projects in areas related to assessment, and to monitor these and other assessment-related projects in the University;

  4. To consider proposals for amendments to the Ordinances and Regulations relating to assessment and to make recommendations accordingly to Senate, via University Teaching Committee and York Graduate Research School Board;

  5. To monitor academic misconduct reports submitted by Standing Academic Misconduct Panels and maintain an overview of trends through an annual statistical review leading to recommendations with regard to policy and/or practice;

  6. To provide advice and guidance to Boards of Studies and departmental Graduate School Boards on assessment-related issues, and particularly on the conduct of academic misconduct cases;

  7. To approve at all levels, on behalf of Senate, the appointment of any internal examiners who are not academic, research, teaching and/or scholarship staff (i.e. continuing employees on permanent or limited-term contracts). For example, Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), casual teaching staff and persons not employed by the University;

  8. To approve the appointment of external examiners at all levels, including terms of appointment on behalf of Senate. For taught provision approved nominees are appointed to the office of external examiner and the SCA determines:

    a) the fee arising from the office;
    b) the role and responsibilities of external examiners;
    c) the term of office and extensions to the defined term of office;
    d) provisions for the early termination of appointment, and considers and approves the early termination of an external examiner’s appointment.

  9. To approve the appointment of assessors for applications for admission to Higher Doctorates on behalf of Senate;

  10. To monitor and approve special examination arrangements for all students in University examinations;

  11. To approve, and report to Senate, the results of University degree results and progression. To keep under review, and report to Senate through University Teaching Committee and York Graduate Research School Board, the distribution of results for examinations at all levels, including data regarding equal opportunities;

  12. To consider and make recommendations on any other matters referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor, the Senate, University Teaching Committee, York Graduate Research School Board, Special Cases Committee, Boards of Studies, or departmental Graduate School Boards;

  13. To act under such delegated authority as the University Teaching Committee may determine for areas not covered by specific terms of reference;

  14. To develop and monitor policies and procedures in relation to the University’s Policy on Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment and to make recommendations to University Teaching Committee and York Graduate Research School Board;

  15. To ensure that the Committee takes account of equality of opportunity in its work.


Membership 2018/19


Member Department To serve until
Prof Mike Bentley (Chair) Physics 31st July 2021
Dr Louise Jones Biology 31st July 2019
Prof Helen Smith English 31st July 2019
Dr Francesco Bravo Economics 31st July 2019
Dr John Stringer Music 31st July 2019
Anita Savage Grainge Health Sciences 31st July 2020
Dr Danijela Trenkic Education 31st July 2020
Dr Daniel Baker Psychology 31st July 2021
Simon van der Borgh TFTV 31st July 2021
Dr Patrick Gallimore York Law School 31st July 2021
Professor Tom Stoneham York Graduate Research School ex officio


Student Representation (for unreserved business)

  • 1 undergraduate representative nominated by the Students’ Union
  • 1 postgraduate representative nominated by the Graduate Students Association

The Students’ Union and Graduate Students Association are permitted to designate alternates to student members of the committee.

In attendance

  • Academic Integrity Co-ordinator (Secretary)
  • Academic Registrar/Director: Student Services (alternately)
  • Assistant Registrar: Student Progress
  • Assessment Manager
  • Chair of Special Cases Committee
  • Head of Learning Enhancement
  • Special Cases Manager
  • Disability Support Adviser


 Meeting dates

The meeting dates for 2018/19 academic year are as follows:


Deadline for papers Meeting
Monday 10 September 2018 Friday 21 September 2018
Monday 15 October 2018 Friday 26 October 2018
Monday 19 November 2018 Friday 30 November 2018
Monday 21 January 2019 Friday 1 February 2019
Monday 25 February 2019 Friday 8 March 2019
Monday 22 April 2019 Friday 3 May 2019
Monday 24 June 2019 Friday 5 July 2019



Academic YearMinutes

Feb 2019 SCA Minutes (MS Word , 17kb)

November 2018 SCA Minutes (PDF , 111kb)

October 2018 SCA Minutes (PDF , 4,146kb)

September 2018 SCA Minutes (PDF , 144kb)


July 2018 SCA Minutes (PDF , 203kb)

May 2018 SCA Minutes (PDF , 335kb)

March 2018 SCA Minutes (PDF , 290kb)

January 2018 SCA Minutes (MS Word , 19kb)

November 2017 SCA Minutes (MS Word , 28kb)

October 2017 SCA Minutes (PDF , 413kb)

September 2017 SCA minutes (PDF  , 574kb)


June 2017 SCA minutes (PDF , 341kb)

May 2017 SCA minutes (PDF , 546kb)

April 2017 SCA Minutes (PDF , 531kb)

February 2017 SCA Minutes (PDF , 438kb)

December 2016 (PDF , 368kb)

October 2016 (PDF , 451kb)

September 2016 (PDF , 525kb)


April 2016 (PDF , 427kb)

February 2016 (PDF , 430kb)

December 2015 (PDF , 340kb)

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September 2014 (PDF , 275kb) 


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February 2014 (PDF , 301kb)

December 2013 (PDF , 264kb)

September 2013 (PDF , 262kb)


October 2012 (PDF , 457kb)

November 2012 (PDF , 314kb)

January 2013 (PDF , 353kb)

February 2013 (PDF , 387kb)

April 2013 (PDF , 561kb)

May 2013 (PDF , 532kb)


May 2012 (PDF , 82kb)

April 2012 (PDF  , 150kb)

February 2012 (PDF  , 100kb)

December 2011 (PDF , 81kb)‌‎‌‎

November 2011 (PDF , 169kb)‌‎‌‎

October 2011 (PDF , 94kb)


April 2011 (PDF , 212kb)‌‎‌‎

February 2011 (PDF , 212kb)

January 2011 (PDF , 222kb) 

November 2010 (PDF , 202kb)

October 2010 (PDF , 251kb)


June 2010 (PDF , 165kb)

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November 2005 (PDF , 133kb)

October 2005 (PDF , 143kb)

Who to contact

  • Stephen Gow, Academic Support Office 
    For agendas, minutes, apologies and queries
    x 1135