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Health, Safety and Welfare Committee

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee the formulation, revision and implementation of the University’s Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement and Arrangements. (1)
  • To monitor changing Health and Safety legislation and the management actions and works undertaken in order for the University to comply with new and revised legislation. (2)
  • To receive internally generated reports, Information Sheets, procedural documentation in respect of Health, Safety and Welfare matters and audit and inspection reports and review these, as appropriate.
  • To prepare and present an annual report on health, safety and welfare to Council. (3)
  • To make recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee in respect of the appropriate resources required to ensure proper implementation of the University’s Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement and Arrangements.
  • To receive items for attention from the meetings of the Genetic Modification and Dangerous Pathogens Safety Group, the Ionising Radiation Safety Group, the Departmental Safety Officers Advisory Group and the Support Directorate Health and Safety (Consultation) Group, and to receive annual reports from each of these Groups/Committees.
  • To consider any matters within the Committee’s remit which are referred by other Committees/Groups, and to discuss any health, safety and welfare issue that is placed on the agenda, via the Chair, by any member of the University community.
  • To take account of equality of opportunity in its work.
  1. The Committee will support the Director of H and S in order to ensure that the Campus community and visitors to Campus enjoy and maintain an environment where health-, safety- and welfare-related activities are appropriately managed. The Policy and related strategies documentation will be formally reviewed every two years, or earlier if this is deemed to be necessary. In developing the Policy, and considering the priorities for implementation, historical statistics on accidents and incidents shall be used to guide the discussions of the Committee.
  2. This will include reviewing management information in respect of risk assessments, compliance, audit, inspection and quality assurance measures, as appropriate.
  3. A draft of the report will be considered by the Committee before submission to Council. The report will utilise the University’s Risk Register as the basis for identifying the H S and W issues that will be priorities for the year ahead, and will analyse progress that has been made in implementing previously prioritised tasks.

(To achieve quoracy at least one third (6) of the Committee members must be present.)


Constituency and Membership for 2019-20

Chair, appointed by Council

Professor A E Ward
To serve until 31 July 2020

The Registrar and Secretary (ex officio)

The Deputy Registrar
The Director of Estates and Campus Services
The Director of Human Resources
The Medical Adviser
The Director of Health and Safety Services
The Head of Estates (Operations)

Three members appointed by the Senate (one normally to be Head of Department status)

Professor Kieran Gibson To serve until 31 July 2021
Dr Ben Flowerdew To serve until 31 July 2021
Dr James Fox To serve until 31 July 2021

One Head of College, elected by the Heads of College


One representative (or named alternate) from each of the recognised trade unions

UCU Vacant
UNITE Vacant

Student Representation

The SU President
The SU Welfare and Community Officer
GSA Representation, Advice and Welfare (RAW) Co-ordinator

In attendance

The Academic Registrar (or Nominee)
Deputy Health and Safety Services Director
YUSU Central Resources Director


Meeting Dates

Health, Safety and Welfare Committee meeting dates 2019/20

  • 5 November 2019
  • 18 February 2020
  • 19 May 2020

All meetings take place at 14:00 in Heslington Hall, room H/G09.


  •  Professor A E Ward


  • Sarah Beeston

For agendas and minutes

01904 322020

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