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Capital Management Group

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Group:

To provide a forum in which all aspects of the Capital Programme are considered and reviewed, to allow timely and appropriate reporting and the raising of any issues, to the University Executive Board and the finance and Policy Committee.   


1. Define and review the capital project management process including:

  • The business case requirements for differing types and levels of spend in line with the University’s Scheme of Delegation.
  • The process for prioritising projects for inclusion in the Capital Programme.
  • Any changes in capital project scope or size.

 2. Review available funding as the basis for the Finance Director to recommend the capital programme envelope to UEB.

 3.Recommend the capital programme to Planning Committee having identified the key strategic projects within it (including “non-building” items).

 4. Review Project Proposal Forms (PPFs), Request for Authority (RFA) forms, Revised Request for Authority (RRFA) forms and associated business cases prior to submission to Planning Committee or UEB.

 5. To consider and give approval for expenditure requested by Pre Request for Authority (PRFA) forms.

 6. To consider programmes of revenue expenditure for the following major programmes of work:

 Estates renewals (capital)

  • Long-term maintenance (capital)
  • Space Management
  • YUESCO Infrastructure
  • Accommodation Refurbishment
  • Strategic Equipment Fund
  • Teaching Equipment Fund
  • Information Strategy & Sustainability Capital

 Revenue programmes

  • Long-term maintenance (revenue)
  • Major works

7. Review Capital Programme progress against budget by project, and understand any deviations against the programme, by reference to the Strategic Projects Tracker and the Cash Flow Forecast.

8. To receive reports on the recovery of grants due to the University and to highlight any areas of concern.  Ensure there is an effective interface with the Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA) with regard to funding sources and matched requirements from the University.

9. To assess the status of individual projects so as to ensure that project scope is complete (i.e. building and equipment needs are fully recognised) and that external funding and agreed internal provision are sufficient.

10. Request and review post-project appraisals and to address the implications of these appropriately.

11. To link into the MTP process by ensuring that strategic projects are identified, costed and scheduled early in the Planning process.

12. Maintain a watching brief on VAT developments and the implication of these for individual projects and the wider Capital Programme.



Finance Director (Chair) Jeremy Lindley
Deputy Finance Director Rod Peet
Registrar and Secretary Jo Horsburgh
Director of Estates and Campus Services Stephen Talboys
Director of Estates Development Liz Gatheral
Finance Manager - Estates and Capital Isabel Jones
Capital Business Partner Adele Christie
Secretary (In attendance) Jenne Roantree-Cham
Director of Infrastructure and Faculty IT Arthur Clune
To receive papers but to attend meetings only if required:
Procurement Manager
Management Accountant, VAT and Companies


Meeting Dates

Meeting dates 

Meetings to be held monthly.

Autumn Term

Tuesday           3/9/2019     2pm - 4pm    D/N/104 Seminar Room - above Derwent Costa

Tuesday           1/10/2019   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday           29/10/2019   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday           3/12/2019   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Spring Term

Tuesday            28/1/2020   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday            25/2/2020   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday            24/3/2020  3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Summer Term

Tuesday            28/4/2020   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday            26/5/2020   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday            23/6/2020   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Tuesday            21/7/2020   3pm - 5pm    H/G19 Carr Room, Heslington Hall

Capital Management Group reports to Planning Committee



Mr Jeremy Lindley



Mrs Jenne Roantree-Cham