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Nominations Committee

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

  1. To recommend to Council new lay members of Council
  2. To recommend to Council lay appointments to its sub-committees
  3. To consider other issues relating to the membership of Council and its sub-committees
  4. To consider any other matters referred to the Committee by Council
  5. To consider all nominations in accordance with the University's equality and diversity policies


Constituency and membership of Nominations Committee

  • Chair of Council (Chair)
    • Ms Denise Jagger
  • Vice-Chancellor
    • Professor Charlie Jeffery
  • Two Pro-Chancellors
    • Mr Philip Carpenter
    • Mr Chris Thompson
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    • Professor Saul Tendler

In attendance

  • Deputy Registrar
    • vacancy
  • University Secretary
    • Dr Adam Dawkins

Meeting dates

Nominations Committee meeting dates 2020/21

  • Tuesday 2 March 2021, 13:30, HG15
  • Tuesday 25 May 2021, 13:30, HG15
  • Tuesday 27 July 2021, 13:30, HG15

Nominations Committee
reports to Council


  • Chair of Council, Ms Denise Jagger

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