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Constituency and membership of Senate

  • The Acting Vice-Chancellor & President
    • Professor Saul Tendler
  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellors
    • Professor Deborah Smith
      Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
    • Professor John Robinson
      Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning and Students)
    • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Partnerships & Knowledge Exchange)
    • Professor Tracey Lightfoot
    • Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning and Students)
  • The Director of Corporate and Information Services
    • Mrs Heidi Fraser-Krauss
  • The Faculty Deans (ex officio)
    • Professor Brian Fulton (Sciences)
    • Professor Ambrose Field (Arts and Humanities)
    • Professor Stuart Bell (Social Sciences)
  • The Dean of the Graduate Research School
    • Professor Tom Stoneham 
  • The head (or named alternate) of each academic department
    • Professor Nicky Milner (until 30 September 2020)
    • Professor Jennifer Potts (until 30 September 2022)
      alternate: Professor James Moir
    • Professor Duncan Bruce (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Dr Martin Cockett
    • Professor Neil Audsley (until 30 October 2021)
      alternate: Dr Paul Cairns
      Computer Science
    • Professor Jo Swaffield (until 30 September 2023)
      alternate:  Mr John Bone
      Economics and Related Studies
    • Professor Paul Wakeling  (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Professor Vanita Sundaram
    • Professor Andy Tyrrell (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Professor Steve Smith
      Electronic Engineering
    • Professor Helen Smith (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Dt Matt Townend
      English and Related Literature
    • Professor Roland Gehrels (until 30 September 2023)
      alternate: Dr Roman Ashauer
      Environment and Geography
    • Professor Maria Goddard (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Ms Helen Weatherly
      Centre for Health Economics
    • Professor Karl Atkin (until 30 September 2020)
      alternate: Professor Patrick Doherty
      Health Sciences
    • Professor Lawrence Black (until 30 September 2020)
      alternate: Professor Laura Stewart
    • Professor Michael White (until 31 August 2020)
      alternate: Professor Liz Prettejohn
      History of Art
    • Professor Dunstan Brown (until 30 September 2020)
      alternate: Dr Sam Hellmuth
      Language and Linguistic Science
    • Professor Mark Freeman
      alternate: Professor Philip Linsley
      The York Management School
    • Professor Niall Mackay (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Professor Chris Fewster
    • Professor Aine Sheil (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: TBC
    • Professor Alan Thomas (until 30 September 2020)
      alternate: Professor Matthew Ratcliffe
    • Professor Kieran Gibson (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Dr Phil Lightfoot
    • Professor Nina Caspersen (until 31 July 2023)
    • Professor Mike Burton (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate:  Professor Tim Andrews
    • Professor Lesley Stewart
      alternate:  Professor Amanda Sowden
      Centre for Reviews and Dissemination
    • Professor John Hudson (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate : Dr Lisa O'Malley
      Social Policy and Social Work
    • Professor Paul Johnson  (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Dr Laurie Hanquinet
    • Professor Duncan Petrie (until 30 September 2022)
      alternate: Dr Tom Cantrell
      Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media
    • Professor Caroline Hunter (until 30 September 2021)
      alternate: Mr Ben Fitzpatrick
      The York Law School
  • The Dean of Hull York Medical School
    • Professor Una Macleod (until 31 December 2020)
      alternate: Professor Barry Wright
      Hull York Medical School
  • Not more than fifteen persons as may be elected from amongst themselves by all members of the academic staff of the University whose terms of appointment are limited in duration only by the provision of Statutes 24 and 25
    • Dr Thomas Cantrell (until 31 July 2020)
      Theatre, Film and Television
    • Dr Stephen King (until 31 July 2020)
      Computer Science
    • Dr Mark Roodhouse (until 31 July 2020)
    • Dr Jessica Wardman (until 31 July 2020)
      York Management School
    • Ms Helen Weatherly (until 31 July 2020)
      Centre for Health Economics
    • Dr Joanna de Groot (until 31 July 2021)
    • History
    • Dr Oleg Lisagor (until 31 July 2021)
      Computer Science
    • Dr Danijela Trenkic (until 31 July 2021)
    • Professor Geoffrey Wall (until 31 July 2021)
      English and Related Literature
    • Professor Roddy Vann (until 31 July 2022)
    • Physics
    • Professor Irene D'Amico (until 31 July 2022)
    • Dr Stefan Weigert (until 31 July 2022)
    • Dr Sara De Jong (until 31 July 2022)
    • Dr Philip Garnett (until 31 July 2022)
      York Manangement School
    • Vacancy 
      Arts and Humanities
    • Vacancy 
      Arts and Humanities
  • Not more than three other persons elected from amongst themselves by all those members of the academic staff of the University who are not entitled to elect members of the Senate under the preceding provisions of this Statute
    • Vacancy
    • vacancy
    • vacancy
  • The Director of Colleges
    • Dr Rob Aitken (Constantine College)
  • Director of the International Pathways College
    • Dr Matthew Perry
  • Two Heads of Colleges elected from amongst the Heads of Colleges
    • Dr Eleanor Brown
      Head of Derwent College
    • TBC
      Head of College
  • The President of the Students' Union
    • Ms Samara Jones (until 31 July 2020)
      University of York Students' Union (YUSU)
  • The Academic Officer of the Students' Union
    •  Ms Giang Nguyen (until 31 July 2020)
  • The President of the Graduate Students' Association
    • Ms Purnur Altay(until 31 July 2020)
      Graduate Students' Association (GSA)
  • Not more than three undergraduates elected from amongst themselves by all registered students of the University
    • Ms Camilla Pederiva (Faculty Rep for Arts and Humanities)
    • Ms Felicity Maiden (Faculty Rep for Sciences)
    • Ms Zsofia Majer (Faculty Rep for Social Sciences)
  • One graduate elected from amongst themselves by the members of the Graduate Students' Association
    • Jane Baston

In attendance

  • The Registrar and Secretary
    • Ms Jo Horsburgh
  • The Academic Registrar
    • Dr Wayne Campbell
  • The University Governance Officer
    • Dr Philip Evans

University Senate chair


Meeting dates


  • Tuesday 22 October 2019
    2.15pm in Bowland Lecture Theatre, Berrick Saul Building
  • Tuesday 28 January 2020
    2.15pm in Bowland Lecture Theatre, Berrick Saul Building
  • Tuesday 5 May 2020
    2.15pm in Bowland Lecture Theatre, Berrick Saul Building
  • Tuesday 7 July 2020
    2.15pm in Bowland Lecture Theatre, Berrick Saul Building