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SITS jargon buster

A glossary of SITS-related acronyms and jargon

Term What it means 
 ACD Application Clearance and Decision Entry
Admissions records, one per application
 ATR Applicant Transfer
The process by which an unconditional applicant becomes a current student. Running this creates SCJ, SPR and SCE records.  It also attaches compulsory modules to students
 AUH Audit
Records activity of changes in SITS by field and user
 AWD Award
A table of all awards available at the University
 Batch Job Refers to any job scheduled as a batch, such as standard letters run using BSL, or the ATR process, etc.
 BPC Batch Program Control
Shows what batch jobs ran, or are scheduled to run
 BSL Batch Standard Letters
A way of scheduling an SRL letter to run for a defined group of students at a particular time and date
 CAPS Course Application Supervisor Access
Shows the same admissions records as ACD, but allows more details to be changed and is a bit less user-friendly
 CBO Course Block Occurrence
A single intake onto a particular course by academic year
 CER Certificate
A record of all Degree Certificates issued
 CON Container
A group of related options in e:Vision
 COP Container Option
A clickable link on the main e:Vision screen, often running a DMV, TKT Task or SRL
 CRS Course Record
Used to describe Board of Studies.  Each CRS may contain several similar ROU (routes) which are individual programmes offered by the University.
 Diet A collection of compulsory and optional modules for a particular programme of study (refers to modular/ taught courses only)
 DMV Data Maintenance Vista
A tool for allowing data in the SITS database to be viewed and edited directly in e:Vision
 DOC Document Manager
A way of storing scanned images, PDFs or other types of document in SITS
 DPT Department
A list of academic departments in the University
 DRR Document Related Record
Associates a document uploaded to DOC with a student record
 DTY Document Type
Categories that DOC records can be put into
 e:Vision The SITS web portal, used by students and staff
 ETLA Extended TLA
A longer version of a TLA
 FNA Fund Application
Shows who has applied for scholarships in Fund Manager
 FNB Fund Bid
Links FNA applicant to the FND scholarship they have applied for
 FND Fund
A scholarship, bursary or other financial award to a student
 Fund Manager A component in SITS for managing awarding of bursaries and scholarships
 GSL Generated Standard Letters
Shows all letters generated for a student if archived
 IPO Institution Published Programme Occurrence
A single start date for an IPP published programme. They are only shown on the web-site if both the In Use and Published boxes are ticked
 IPP Institution Published Programmes
Programmes which are available for online application. Currently OPAS and LFA courses.
 IPPN Institution Published Programme Narrative
Used to store web address and extra text to show on the programme listing for OPAS programmes
 IPQ IPP Question
A question on the online IPP application form
 IPR IPP Registration
An online application which is either complete or in-progress
 IPRQ IPR Question Responses
A single answer to an IPQ question
A temporary user account that can be used by non-members of the university to submit an online application
 MAL Master Access Log
Records who logged in to e:Vision, when and from which computer
 MAV Module Availability
Shows which modules are running when
 MCR MAS Admissions Course
Programmes that can be applied to, either online or on paper.  Each route will usually have an MCR record.
 MHD Message Header
A record that someone has used a TKT task in e:Vision
 MOD Module record
A record of all modules set up within SITS
 MST Master Record
A record that uniquely identifies one individual, be they student, staff, or something else
 MTK Message Task
The answers an e:Vision user has supplied to a single TTE step of a task
 MUA Master User Access
Controls whether someone can log in to e:Vision
 OPAS Online Postgraduate Application System
York's name for postgraduate applications made via IPP, and processed by departments in e:Vision
 PAMS The system used by the Accommodation Office for allocating rooms to students
 POD Program Option Definition
A way of putting a search form in e:Vision
 POP Program Option Parameters
A field on a POP search form in e:Vision
 Progression The process of moving a student into the next academic year of their programme
 PRS Personnel
A current or former member of staff
 RAT Reverse Applicant Transfer
Undoes the changes made by the ATR process (ie, reverts a current student to being an applicant again)
 ROU Route
A programme of study that leads to a particular qualification in a particular subject
 RSH Research Management
A suite of tools for tracking the progress of research students
 SAT Student Assessment Table
Shows all assessment component results for a student by module and academic year
 SAW Student Award
A record of all awards processed by the University
 SCC Student Clearance Check
A condition that needs to be met before an application can become unconditional
 SCE Student Course Enrolment
Shows whether a student has enrolled on a programme for the current academic year
 SCJ Student Course Join
Shows when a student started a particular programme of study
 SCN Student Candidate Number
Student Exam numbers
 SITS Strategic Information Technology Systems
The student record system used by the University of York and many other UK institutions. The term can also refer to the SITS:Vision software used to access this record system
 SLP Standard Letter Parameters
Chunks of text or logic that can be shared between several SRLs, to save having to copy-and-paste
 SMO Student Module Taking
Shows all modules being undertaken by a student by academic year
 SMR Student Module Result
Shows all module results for a student by academic year
 SPR Student Programme Route
Shows which ROU a student is on, and what award they are studying towards
 SRL Standard Reports and Letters
Printed letters, emails and pages that can be displayed in e:Vision
 STU Student Details
Basic details about a student
 STUS Full Student Details
Full details about a student. Includes everything on STU, and other fields besides
 Task Another name for a TKT
 TKT Task Type
A way of gathering data from staff and students by leading them through a series of steps in e:Vision, each of which can use data from a different table in SITS. Much more flexible than a DMV Vista, but also more complicated to set up and maintain.
 TLA Three-letter acronym
SITS has an awful lot of these, plus a fair number of ETLAs
 TRAN Transfer Options
Converts an IPR application into a CAP record, either matching with an existing STU record, or creating a new one
 TTE Task Type Element
A single step in a TKT task in e:Vision
 TTQ Task Type Element Question
A single question in a TTE step in a TKT task in e:Vision
 TEC Task Element Condition
A condition that decides which TTE step somebody completing a task should be sent to next
 UAL User Access Log
Records who logged in to SITS client, and when
 USR User
Controls which members of staff have access to SITS client, and to which screens
 UDD User Defined Validation Detail
One value for a UDV
 UDF User Defined Field
Each table in the SITS database has 20 'spare' fields called UDFs that can be used by an institution for any purpose
 UDV User Defined Validation
A set of possible values for a UDF field. Can also be used like XON to associate one set of values with another (for example college name with college code). Each UDV has several UDDs which contain the individual values.
 VCR Visa CAS Request
A request for a CAS number made by a student who requires a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK
 Vista Another name for a DMV
 XON Exchange Old and New
A look-up table that allows you to replace one value with another. Most commonly used to correctly capitalise names, using &X[NAME] in an SRL.
 XPC Export/Import Utilities
A tool for importing and exporting records to and from the SITS database. Useful for copying developments done in the TEST and TRAIN systems into LIVE.
 XPU Export Utilities
A more flexible, but less user-friendly way of exporting records from SITS. Records exported with XPU can be imported with XPC as normal.
 XVCR Visa CAS Data Exchange
A program for generating VCR records