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SITS - Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the FAQs for information about access to the system, training and problem reporting. 

What is SITS?

SITS is a student information system used to store, administer and manage all elements of student data from initial application through to degree ceremony attendance.

The system comprises a number of different areas, including:

  • admissions
  • student records and enrolment
  • management of study programmes
  • management of modules, credits, examinations and assessments
  • research student records
  • degree ceremony management
  • student finance and funding

This data is also used for statutory returns (information that HE institutions are required to submit to governmental organisations, i.e. HESA).

What is e:Vision?

e:Vision is the web interface to SITS, for both staff and students. It is an interface with the live SITS system, so updates made on SITS Live should appear on e:Vision straight away and vice versa. 

e:Vision is used for various student data processing activities (for example, mark entry), as it provides a user-friendly interface via which data can be entered into the main SITS database. When logging in to e:Vision, each user will find on the home screen menus for the activities and areas to which s/he has access.

What SITS access do I need?

Access levels are determined according to a user’s role. For example, there are different access levels for users in academic departments such as Undergraduate Administrator, Postgraduate Administrator, Departmental Manager and for users in central departments. 

If you are new to the University or have changed roles, please discuss with your line manager what level of SITS access you will need. 

When requesting access to SITS via the Authorised Systems Registration page, you will see a drop-down menu showing the various options: select the one you need or if in doubt select 'Other' and include an explanation of what you need (for example, that you need the same level of access as a colleague already using SITS). If you require access to certain screens, please specify them in your access request.

If you have any queries relating to your access level, please contact us on

How do I request access to SITS?

Submit a request via IT Services' Authorised Systems Registration page. The options in the drop-down menu include 'e:Vision – Student Record System' and 'SITS Student Records'.

Your request will be forwarded to the person/s within your department responsible for authorising access. Once departmental authorisation is given, the Student Systems team will enable your access and you will receive a confirmation email when this has been done.

The security of our student data is extremely important and all SITS users are required to:

How do I get started using SITS?

Once your access has been approved, you will be sent an email with instructions as to how to download the shortcut and get started. 

Please be aware that if you are logging on via eduroam WiFi or at home/away from campus, you'll need to log on via the VDS.

What training is available?

Online training videos are available for staff on the SITS WIKI page.

For enquiries relating to the Admissions area, please contact the Admissions team on

Please do not forget to complete the online data protection training module if you have not already done so too.

Where can I find an explanation of the screens and codes used in SITS?

An introduction to the main SITS screens is provided in the training course for new users and details of screens are listed in the training manual.

Double-clicking on the SITS field in question will also bring up a list of codes which can be used.

Explanations of a range of SITS acronyms and terminology are available on the SITS Jargon Buster page.

Why can't log in to SITS?

SITS users who change departments will have their access removed. As access to student records is subject to specific departmental authorisation, when your department changes you will need to submit a new request for the SITS access required in your new role.

If you are having problems logging in to SITS and you have not changed roles, please contact us on for help.

How do I report a problem with or raise a query about SITS?

Submit a query by emailing We aim to respond within 3 working days.