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Introduction to SITS Data Warehouse - Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the FAQs below to obtain an introduction to the SITS Data Warehouse (DWH) and information about access to the system, training and problem reporting.

If you need any further clarification or if there is anything you think should be added to these webpages, please contact the Student Data & Management Information team on

What is the Data Warehouse?

The SITS Data Warehouse (DWH) is a database containing information on students past and present, and applicants. It consists of numerous tables of data taken from the SITS Student Record, made available to users via Microsoft Access.

Please note that data in the DWH is not live: student information is updated overnight from the live SITS system, so any data you access using DWH may be up to a day old.

What access to DWH do I need?

As with SITS itself, user categories have been set up via which users are authorised to access certain sets of tables within DWH relevant to their role.

If you are a new DWH user, or have changed roles, please discuss with your line manager what level of access you will need. 

When requesting access to DWH (see the FAQ below 'How do I obtain access to DWH' for details) you will be offered a choice from the standard data sets. If you need access to information not included in these standard data sets - or if you know that you will definitely require certain specific tables in DWH - please provide details in the "Additional Comments" box.

Access levels can be modified as user needs change. If you have any queries relating to your access, please contact the Student Systems team on



How do I obtain access to DWH?

Submit a request via the Authorised Systems Registration page (which can also be accessed via IT Services' University Information Systems Registration and Installation page) you will see a drop-down menu showing the various systems: select "Student Data Warehouse". At the next level, you will be able to choose from the standard data sets available (current students and leavers' data, and applicants' data). If you require any 'non-standard' data please provide details in the "Additional Comments" box.

Your request will be forwarded to the person/s within your department responsible for authorising access. Once departmental authorisation is given, the Student Systems Team will enable your access and you will receive a confirmation email when this has been done.

Please note that the security of our student data is of utmost importance, and all users of SITS and DWH are required to:

How do I get started with DWH?

Instructions for accessing the SITS Data Warehouse using Microsoft Access can be found using the following links for:

You may find training on Microsoft Access is useful: please refer to IT Services' training pages for details of courses.

When is training available, and how do I book?

For details of upcoming new-user DWH student records training courses, please see the SITS and DWH training page. To book on to a course please visit the UoY Learning Management System. Once logged in, you should search for the courses under Information Management > Computing and IT. Click where indicated to book a place on the course you wish to attend.

For enquiries relating to training on the Admissions area of the DWH system, please contact the Admissions department on

Please do not forget to complete the online data protection training module, if you have not already done so.


Is any other training or support available?

Bespoke training can be arranged if needed, for example for a group of users within a particular department, or where users wish to focus in detail on a particular area of the system. Please contact the Student Data & Management Information team on to enquire.

Where can I find details of the tables within DWH?

Details of the tables within SITS Data Warehouse are available on the DWH Tables index webpage. The index enables you to click on the name of each table for further information about its contents.

How do I report a problem with or raise a query about DWH?

Submit a query by emailing We aim to respond within 3 working days.

My DWH won't work now I'm on Windows 7. What should I do?

A number of DWH users have reported problems following a move to Windows 7; when trying to open Data Warehouse they have been given an error message: "ODBC connection to DWH_Oracle failed".

Please follow the instructions at paragraph 3 on this IT Services DWH user help page, to update your Oracle driver connection:

This should fix the problem; if you have any further issues please email us on