Remuneration Committee

Chair: Mr Gerard Lemos, Chair of Council

Vice-Chancellor's Remuneration


The University of York is open and transparent in how it decides the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor (VC) and senior members of staff and publishes details in its annual Financial Report. In the financial year 2016-2017 the salary for the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lamberts was £248,333, with an additional £945 of benefits in kind and £44,700 in pension contributions amounting to a total remuneration package of £293,978. 

The Vice-Chancellor’s salary is determined by the University’s Remuneration Committee – a sub-committee of the University’s Council. The Remuneration Committee is comprised in total of four lay members of council plus two independent committee members selected for their relevant HR and Remuneration expertise. 

While the Vice-Chancellor is in attendance at the Remuneration Committee, he is not a member of the committee and plays no part in the decision regarding his own salary. The Vice-Chancellor’s salary is decided by the lay and independent committee members alone. The Vice-Chancellor leaves the meeting when his salary is discussed. 

In deciding the Vice- Chancellor’s salary, the Remuneration Committee reviews external comparator data including that for the Russell Group, and reviews the Vice-Chancellor’s performance against strategic objectives that encompass all aspects of the role. The Remuneration Committee makes a report on its business to the University Council. 

The VC’s remuneration package reflects the level of responsibility and skills required to maintain the reputation of a dynamic institution such as the University of York and is commensurate with the leadership strengths required to sustainably guide the University through the turbulent and unpredictable future facing the UK Higher Education sector. 

Professor Koen Lamberts is Vice-Chancellor & President of the University of York. He is Chair of the N8 Research Partnership, Chair of the Employers Pension Forum for Higher Education, Chair of UKCISA's Board of Trustees and Chair of Yorkshire Universities.  He is also Deputy Chair and a Board Member of The Russell Group, a Board member of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership, the Outward Mobility Strategy Board, Universities and Colleges Employers Association, the White Rose University Consortium, the Worldwide Universities Network.  The Vice-Chancellor does not receive any remuneration for appointments external to the University of York.

The University of York is a member of the Russell Group and is one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities with a global reputation for excellence in teaching. The Vice-Chancellor of York is responsible for implementing a strategic vision to strengthen the reputation and the sustainable success of the institution. 

The scale, complexity and success of the institution are also factors in determining the salary of the Vice-Chancellor. Such factors include the following: 


By Dr Stephen Martin, Department of Economics and Related Studies and Dr Bernard Stafford



Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  1. To review and determine the Vice-Chancellor's salary and terms of employment
  2. To receive proposals from the Vice-Chancellor in respect of salaries for members of the senior management pay group, namely the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost, the Pro Vice-Chancellors, the Deans of Faculty, the Registrar & Secretary and the Director of Finance, and to determine such salaries
  3. To keep under review expenses reimbursed and allowances paid to the Vice-Chancellor and other senior staff and officers
  4. To keep under review the University's remuneration strategy as it relates to professors and other senior members of staff
  5. To determine severance arrangements for any member of staff earning over £100,000.



Chair of Council (ex officio(Chair) Mr Gerard Lemos
Treasurer (ex officio) Mr David Dickson

Lay members apppointed by Council, two of whom are members of Council

Mr Christopher Noakes (until 31 July 2018)

Mrs Claire Wesley (until 31 July 2018)

Mr Chris Thompson [member of Council] (until 31 July 2018)

Ms Julia Unwin [member of Council] (until 31 July 2019)

In Attendance

Vice-Chancellor  [except for matters connected with paragraph 1 of the Terms of Reference]

Professor Koen Lamberts
Secretary to Council and the Remuneration Committee  [except for discussion on that individual's performance and salary] Ms Jo Horsburgh
Director of Human Resources 

Dr Joss Ivory 

Chair of Remuneration Sub-Committee [for discussion of Sub-Committee reports only] Professor Saul Tendler


Meetings 2017-18

  • Wednesday, 8 November 2017    09:00-11:00    H/G15, Heslington Hall 
  • Wednesday, 7 March 2018          09:00-11:00    H/G15, Heslington Hall  
  • Monday, 14 May 2018                14:00-16:00    H/G15, Heslington Hall

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