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The Heads of Department Forum facilitates discussion and communication between members of the University Executive Board, heads of academic departments and senior managers within the support services.

Subscribed members of HoD Forum may communicate by sending an email to hod-forum-group@york.ac.uk. Non-members wishing to circulate an email to the Forum should contact the list administrator, Julie Sugden at julie.sugden@york.ac.uk.




Prof Charlie Jeffery Vice-Chancellor and President vc@york.ac.uk
Professor Saul Tendler Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost saul.tendler@york.ac.uk
Prof Deborah Smith Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) Deborah.smith@york.ac.uk 
Prof John Robinson Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning & Students) john.robinson@york.ac.uk
Vacancy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Partnerships & Engagement)   
Prof Martin Smith Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Projects) martin.smith@york.ac.uk
Prof Tracy Lightfoot Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning & Students) tracy.lightfoot@york.ac.uk
Prof Ambrose Field Interim Dean of Faculty, Arts and Humanities ambrose.field@york.ac.uk
Prof Richard Ogden  Associate Dean (Research), Arts & Humanities richard.ogden@york.ac.uk
Dr Gill Chitty Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning & Students), Arts & Humanities gill.chitty@york.ac.uk
Prof Brian Fulton Dean of Faculty, Sciences brian.fulton@york.ac.uk 
Prof Sarah Thompson Associate Dean (Research), Sciences sarah.thompson@york.ac.uk  
Dr Steve King Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning & Students), Sciences steve.king@york.ac.uk
Prof Stuart Bell Dean of Faculty, Social Sciences stuart.bell@york.ac.uk
Prof Matthew Festenstein Associate Dean (Research), Social Sciences
Dr Jill Webb Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning & Students), Social Sciences jill.webb@york.ac.uk
Prof Tom Stoneham Dean, York Graduate Research School tom.stoneham@york.ac.uk 
Academic departments
Prof Nicky Milner Archaeology nicky.milner@york.ac.uk 
Prof Jennifer Potts Biology  jennifer.potts@york.ac.uk
Prof Duncan Bruce Chemistry  chem-hod@york.ac.uk
Prof Neil Audsley Computer Science hod@cs.york.ac.uk
Prof Jo Swaffield Economics and Related Studies  econ-hod@york.ac.uk  
Prof Paul Wakeling Education  education-hod@york.ac.uk
Prof Andy Tyrrell Electronic Engineering andy.tyrrell@york.ac.uk
Prof Helen Smith English and Related Literature  helen.smith@york.ac.uk   
Prof Mark Hodson Environment mark.hodson@york.ac.uk
Prof Karl Atkin Health Sciences karl.atkin@york.ac.uk 
Prof Lawrence Black History lawrence.black@york.ac.uk
Prof Michael White History of Art  michael.white@york.ac.uk
Prof Una MacLeod Hull York Medical School  una.macleod@hyms.ac.uk 
Prof Dunstan Brown Language and Linguistic Science dunstan.brown@york.ac.uk
Prof Niall MacKay Mathematics  math511@york.ac.uk
Dr Aine Sheil   (Interim) Music aine.sheil@york.ac.uk 
Prof Alan Thomas Philosophy ap.thomas@york.ac.uk 
Prof Kieran Gibson Physics  kieran.gibson@york.ac.uk
Prof Nina Caspersen Politics nina.caspersen@york.ac.uk
Prof Mike Burton Psychology psychology-hod@york.ac.uk
Prof John Hudson Social Policy and Social Work john.hudson@york.ac.uk 
Prof Paul Johnson Sociology  paul.johnson@york.ac.uk
Prof Duncan Petrie Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media duncan.petrie@york.ac.uk 
Prof Mark Freeman York Management School  mark.freeman@york.ac.uk
Prof Caroline Hunter York Law School 


Prof Maria Goddard Centre for Health Economics maria.goddard@york.ac.uk
Prof Lesley Stewart Centre for Reviews and Dissemination lesley.stewart@york.ac.uk
Dr Matthew Perry International Pathway College matthew.perry@york.ac.uk
Prof Erik Tonning Norwegian Study Centre nsc-director@york.ac.uk
Prof Werner Bonefeld School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics werner.bonefeld@york.ac.uk
Prof Sarah Rees Jones Centre for Medieval Studies sarah.reesjones@york.ac.uk
Support departments
Ms Jo Horsburgh, Registrar and Secretary  Registrar and Secretary
  Student & Academic Services  
Dr Wayne Campbell  Academic Registrar academic-registrar@york.ac.uk 
Ms Valerie Cotter Student Services valerie.cotter@york.ac.uk
Mr Nigel Dandy Academic Support Office nigel.dandy@york.ac.uk
Mr Tom Banham Careers and Placements tom.banham@york.ac.uk
Ms Paula Tunbridge Student Life and Wellbeing paula.tunbridge@york.ac.uk
  Commercial Services  
Mr Jon Greenwood Director jon.greenwwood@york.ac.uk
Mr Philip Kember  Deputy Director philip.kember@york.ac.uk
  Estates and Campus Services  
Mr Stephen Talboys Director stephen.talboys@york.ac.uk
Ms Liz Gatheral Estates Development liz.gatheral@york.ac.uk 
Mr Kevin Whelan Estates Operations kevin.whelan@york.ac.uk
Mr Dean Spears  Campus Services dean.spears@york.ac.uk
  External Relations  
Ms Joan Concannon Director joan.concannon@york.ac.uk
Mr Iain Barr Centre for Lifelong Learning iain.barr@york.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Mitchell Events & Public Affairs sarah.mitchell@york.ac.uk 
Ms Hilary Layton Global Engagement hilary.layton@york.ac.uk
Mr Alistair Keely Media Relations alistair.keely@york.ac.uk 
Ms Mary Haworth Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni mary.haworth@york.ac.uk
Ms Roxanne Pendlebury Student Recruitment and Admissions roxanne.pendlebury@york.ac.uk
Mr Jeremy Lindley Director jeremy.lindley@york.ac.uk
Mr Rod Peet Deputy Finance Director rod.peet@york.ac.uk
Mr Rob Hunt Assistant Director of Finance - Procurement  rob.hunt@york.ac.uk
Vacancy Assistant Director of Finance -  Management Accounting  
  Human Resources  
Dr Joss Ivory Director joss.ivory@york.ac.uk 
Rachael Millhouse HR - Operations


Miss Helen Selvidge HR - Specialist Support


Ms Susan Kane Learning and Development susan.kane@york.ac.uk
Mrs Maria Ayaz Equality & Diversity maria.ayaz@york.ac.uk 
  Corporate and Information Services  
Mrs Heidi Fraser-Krauss  Deputy Registrar deputy-registrar@york.ac.uk
Mr Masud Khokhar Library and Archives masud.khokhar@york.ac.uk
Mr Arthur Clune  IT Services arthur.clune@york.ac.uk 
Mr Andrew Male  IT Services andrew.male@york.ac.uk
Mr Denis Fowler Health and Safety Services denis.fowler@york.ac.uk
Mrs Rebekah Desport Planning Office rebekah.desport@york.ac.uk
Mr Jamie Holliday Operations Manager (Arts and Humanities) jamie.holliday@york.ac.uk
Mrs Natalie Armstrong Operations Manager (Sciences) natalie.armstrong@york.ac.uk
Mr Mike Clark Operations Manager (Social Sciences) mike.clark@york.ac.uk
  Research & Enterprise Services  
Mr David McBeth Director david.mcbeth@york.ac.uk
Mrs Jennifer Gilmartin  Research Services jennifer.gilmartin@york.ac.uk
Mrs Amanda Selvaratnam Enterprise Services amanda.selvaratnam@york.ac.uk
Colleges Principals
Ms Charley Bayley Alcuin College charley.bayley@york.ac.uk
Mr Andrew Ferguson Constantine College  andrew.ferguson@york.ac.uk
Dr Eleanor Brown Derwent College eleanor.brown@york.ac.uk 
Prof Matt Matravers Goodricke College matt.matravers@york.ac.uk
  Halifax College  
Dr Andrew Kerrigan James College andrew.kerrigan@york.ac.uk
Dr Dan Horsfall Langwith College

Dr Rob Aitken Vanbrugh College rob.aitken@york.ac.uk
Mr Russell Yates Wentworth College russell.yates@york.ac.uk


Meeting dates

Meeting dates

Autumn 2019  
Spring 2020
  • To be confirmed
Summer 2021
  • To be confirmed

Future meetings will be organised by the Vice-Chancellor's Office.

Contact details

Gillian Gibbins
Vice-Chancellor's department

Tel: 01904 32 2080