Our staff

General enquiries

Student Support opendoor@york.ac.uk +44 (0)1904 32 2140
Disability Services disabilityservices@york.ac.uk +44 (0)1904 32 2140
Anne Haversham Head of Open Door & Disability anne.haversham@york.ac.uk 2140
Laila Fish Open Door Practice Manager laila.fish@york.ac.uk 2140

Disability Services

James Browne Disability Support Adviser james.browne@york.ac.uk 4049
Liz Brogden SpLD Practitioner liz.brogden@york.ac.uk 4146 
Kirsty Dixon Office Manager (Mon/Tues)
Admin Asst (Thurs/Fri)
kirsty.dixon@york.ac.uk 4785
Katie Emsley Disability Support Adviser katie.emsley@york.ac.uk 4134 
Agnes Mcmonagle SpLD Practitioner agnes.mcmonagle@york.ac.uk 2150 
Vacant Office Manager (Wed-Fri)    
Claire Shanks Disability Support Adviser claire.shanks@york.ac.uk 4101
Kim Stephen (temp)

Administrative Assistant (Mon-


kim.stephen@york.ac.uk 2703

Open Door Team

Angie Bell Senior Practitioner Open Door angie.bell@york.ac.uk 2140
Gemma Cormican Open Door Practitioner gemma.cormican@york.ac.uk 2140
Eni Neo
Open Door Practitioner (Tuesday to Thursday) eni.neo@york.ac.uk 2140
Steve Hardy Open Door Practitioner steve.hardy@york.ac.uk 2140
Maureen Hemenway Receptionist (Monday to Thursday) maureen.hemenway@york.ac.uk 2140
Stuart Jackson-Bayles Open Door Practitioner stuart.jackson-bayles@york.ac.uk 2140
Michelle Reynolds Open Door Practitioner (Monday to Thursday) michelle.reynolds@york.ac.uk 2140
Sarah Thompson Open Door Practitioner sarah.thompson2@york.ac.uk 2140
Sarah Simpson Open Door Practitioner (Tuesdays and Thursdays) sarah.simpson@york.ac.uk 2140
Lisa Walker Open Door Practitioner (Except Thursdays) lisa.walker@york.ac.uk 2140
Anne Webster (Associate) Open Door Practitioner (Mondays only) anne.webster@york.ac.uk 2140
Nick Chidlow Open Door Practitioner nick.chidlow@york.ac.uk 2140
Nickie Wright Link Practitioner nickie.wright@york.ac.uk 2140

Open Door Evening team (term time only)

NameRoleEmail Extension
Jenny Walters Senior Practitioner jenny.walters@york.ac.uk 2140
Carolyn Knaggs Open Door Practitioner carolyn.knaggs@york.ac.uk 2140
Lawrence Mountford Open Door Practitioner lawrence.mountford@york.ac.uk 2140
Sarinrat (Jear) Thomas Open Door Practitioner sarinrat.thomas@york.ac.uk 2140
Jacqui Baker Receptionist/Admin jacqui.baker@york.ac.uk 2140