Accessibility statement

Our staff

General enquiries

Open Door +44 (0)1904 32 2140
Disability Services +44 (0)1904 32 4785
Anne Haversham Head of Open Door & Disability 4399 or 6460
Laila Fish Operations Manager 4088

Disability Services

James Browne Disability Practitioner (Arts and Humanities) 4049
Liz Brogden SpLD Practitioner 4146 
Katie Emsley Disability Practitioner (Social Sciences) 4134 
Agnes Mcmonagle SpLD Practitioner 2150 
Claire Shanks Disability Practitioner (Sciences) 4101
Kim Stephen

Administrative Assistant (Mon-Thurs) 2703

Open Door Team

Angie Bell Senior Practitioner Open Door 2140
Gemma Cormican Open Door Practitioner 2140
Eni Neo
Open Door Practitioner (Tuesday to Thursday) 2140
Steve Hardy Open Door Practitioner 2140
Maureen Hemenway Receptionist (Monday to Wednesday) 2140
Sarah Hartley Receptionist (Thursday and Friday) 2140
Michelle Reynolds Open Door Practitioner (Monday to Thursday) 2140
Sarah Thompson Open Door Practitioner 2140
Sarah Simpson Open Door Practitioner (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday PM) 2140
Lisa Walker Open Door Practitioner (Except Thursdays) 2140
Nick Chidlow Open Door Practitioner 2140
Nickie Wright Link Practitioner 2140

Open Door Evening team (term time only)

NameRoleEmail Extension
Jenny Walters Senior Practitioner 2140
Lawrence Mountford Open Door Practitioner 2140
Sarinrat (Jear) Thomas Open Door Practitioner 2140
Jacqui Baker Receptionist/Admin 2140