Library survey 2014

The annual Library Survey was conducted from 24 November - 15 December 2014. We received 2,269 responses to the survey, and 895 comments.

We're pleased to report that overall satisfaction with our services reached 83%, its highest level yet, up from 81.3% the previous year. Additionally, the average perception of all services was at its highest level, and we continued to meet growing user needs.

Areas identified for improvement

The following is the one area where we are currently below your minimum expectations:

  • Main texts and readings I need for my work

Areas where we are meeting your needs

  • Library staff who are consistently courteous
  • Enabling users to find information 24 hours a day
  • Caring library staff
  • Librarians teaching me how to access information
  • Library staff understanding the needs of their users

Most improved areas

  • Quiet space for individual work
  • Accessibility of e-resources from home or office
  • Printed library materials
  • Library staff who instil confidence in users
  • Ease of use of e-resources

The comments from the survey also suggested a number of areas for improvement. These suggestions - along with how we're responding to them - are summarised below.

You saidWe did
I would like more library study space that suits my needs.

The survey results clearly show that there is growing demand for all types of study space: silent, quiet and group. We are using a number of approaches to address this:

  • We have relaunched our seating availability planner so that Library users can easily find available seats.
  • We have a You and Your Library group that regularly meets to monitor how to best meet space needs.
  • We conducted user surveys about space in January and February 2015 as part of a study with Loughborough University to inform our space development and understand better how library space is being used.
  • We are working with the University to ensure that suitable learning spaces are considered in new buildings, particularly on Heslington East.
  • We are working with the University to consider an extension to the Library in the longer term.
  • We are piloting a hot water service for users in the Library buildings when the cafe is closed during Easter vacation.
  • We continue to provide access to Library resources electronically where possible and advertise alternative study space on our website for use in peak periods.
I want more copies of the main texts for my course.

We continue to work with academic departments to ensure that we provide enough of the core texts required for courses and, where copyright permits, offer digitised versions of key chapters. We also now offer a Fast Track purchase scheme which enables us to quickly buy additional copies of items in high demand.

In addition, we are running a specific project on Understanding Textbooks. This is to understand the different needs for textbooks across departments and develop ways to manage those needs.

We will continue to run the MoreBooks scheme during 2015. This gives students the opportunity to tell us what books to buy, whether it's a title the Library doesn't have or an additional copy of a book you're finding hard to get hold of.

I need a resource specific to my area/discipline/course.

The Library is working in collaboration with departments to identify gaps in our collections and to ensure that any new courses are appropriately resourced. We welcome feedback to our Academic Liaison Librarians including on how we can improve our collections.

We continue to run the MoreBooks scheme, which allows students to suggest new items for purchase.

In addition, the Library is involved in a number of schemes that allow access to resources which are not physically held here. These include Interlending and Document Supply and Sconul Access.

I would like more e-resources.

The Library has a policy to always purchase e-books when possible.

In 2013/14 the Library also added a number of new electronic resources including:

  • American Film Scripts Online
  • British Newspapers, Part III: 1780-1950
  • English Historical Documents Online
  • Institute of Physics ebooks
  • Oxford Bibliographies Online: Psychology
  • Oxford Handbooks Online: Criminology and Criminal Justice  
  • Oxford Handbooks Online: Psychology  
  • Royal Society of Chemistry eBooks  
  • Early European Books Online: Collections 1 – 4
  • Vogue Archive
The Library catalogue has improved, but there are still issues with finding some items both in the catalogue and physically.  We have made some improvements to YorSearch, the Library catalogue, over the past year. We have also been collecting suggestions for improvement – particularly using our new catalogue feedback button – which we will be using to develop further improvements as part of our Discoverability Project. These will include improvements to accessing both physical and electronic resources. We expect to make these changes over the next 6-12 months.

We have also improved signage within the Library buildings in the last year, and reinstated the map link in the catalogue so it is easier to pinpoint the location of a particular item.
I'd like more printers and for them to be more reliable.  Colleagues in IT Services continue to work on improving our printing service. Further details are available on the IT Survey Feedback page.
I find the library survey too long, as it asks for lots of ratings (minimum, perceived and desired) and lots of demographic information. 
  • We appreciate the survey can be time consuming, and moved to a “lite” version three years ago to ensure it is as quick as possible to complete.
  • The different ratings you provide on the survey have been instrumental in helping us identify areas for improvement, particularly those where user needs have increased.
  • We are working with the survey providers to ensure that demographic information (eg collection of a respondent's gender) is appropriate and hope to use a different version of the survey in 2015.