Library Survey 2013: You Said, We Did

The annual Library Survey was conducted in December 2013 and results showed that students and staff at York are the most satisfied they've ever been with the Library.

The comments from the survey also suggested a number of areas for improvement. These suggestions - along with how we're responding to them - are summarised below.

You Said...We Did
I'd like more books/journals/resources

We have discussed the funding for content at the highest level within the University to ensure appropriate funding is allocated for information content.

We are working with departments to ensure we have appropriate collections to support teaching and research across the University, including benchmarking our content against other universities to understand where we have strengths or gaps.

We have also recently opened a new external library store, which will allow us to retain lower use items whilst expanding the resources available on campus.

The MoreBooks campaign also went ahead in February 2014, leading to the purchase of over £90,000 of books suggested by users. A further campaign with £20,000 funding was undertaken in June 2014.

Additionally, a review of the Key Texts section is currently underway to ensure that our approach to providing resources in high demand best meets the needs of students.

I find it difficult/confusing to access Library resources, particularly from home

Over the past year we have launched a new Library Management System to improve access to the range of content we have available.

Over summer/autumn 2014 we will be undertaking a project to better understand how people access library content to explore ways this can be improved, including changes to library systems, better guidance and improved training.

Navigation around the Library is difficult

New internal signage for the Library was installed in April 2014.

The signage improves navigation across the Morrell, Fairhurst and Burton buildings.

I can't find the right study space when I need it

A live seating availability planner was trialled in April 2014 to give users an indication of the availability of study space across the library. The service has proven popular with users and will now be offered permanently.

The alternative study spaces page on the Library website has also been updated to show where students can study when the Library is busy.

As a longer term aspiration, an extension to the Library buildings is currently being scoped, in order to provide more study space for students.

The Library could be easier to access for people with disabilities

The Directorate has a Disabilities Group which meets termly to discuss improvements to our facilities, including the Library. The group has representatives from the Directorate, YUSU and Disability Services.

The group so far has led to the development of the following services:

  • Library accessible study rooms
  • Transcription/copying service
  • Book collection service
  • Tours and one-to-one appointments with users to make sure they're aware of the services available
  • Improvements to accessible entrances/routes in our buildings (card swipe exit to be installed shortly, signage around accessible entrances improved)
At times I find the Library noisy/hot/cold etc... The Text Us A Problem service allows Library users to submit a problem to us by text message, which a member of Library staff will then address.
I'd like to be able to get items delivered to King's Manor Library We now have a dedicated Delivery Service allowing users to order items from the JB Morrell Library and have them delivered to King's Manor Library for collection.
I'm based on Heslington East and I'd like better access to library services

The Library already has a book drop service, allowing users to return library books via a postbox in the Ron Cooke Hub.

We are currently running a project to review our services to users on Heslington East during summer 2014.

If you have any further feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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