IT Services survey 2015/16

IT survey prize winner 2015/16

The survey prize, a Fitbit Charge HR, was won by Frances Taylor, pictured here with Director of Information Services, Heidi Fraser-Krauss.

Thank you to those who completed the IT Services survey in October 2015, your feedback and comments form an important part of developing our services. We received almost 2,000 responses to the survey.

Overall, 90% of respondents rated the service as good or very good, up 1% from 89% in the last survey.

Additionally, the two areas rated as not meeting minimum expectations in the previous survey - printing and wireless access - are now rated as above minimum, reflecting the improvements in these areas.

In order to improve our services further, we have developed the following action plan based upon your comments and feedback.

You saidOur plans
Wireless coverage has improved but there are still areas where coverage is patchy.

Over the last three years we have invested £1 million in the wireless network. There is almost complete coverage in all buildings on campus, and we have expanded the network to outdoor locations, including Greg's Place, the Fairhurst lawn and around the Sports Village.

Going forward, we will be investing a further £1 million in the network, with a focus on improving wifi in lecture theatres, expanding the network to more outdoor locations, and improving coverage in buildings where problems have been reported.

In addition, we are investing £1 million each year to improve our network infrastructure. This will lead to improved network speeds across campus. 

I would like the timetable service to be kept up-to-date.

If any changes are made to timetables, there's currently a delay of around 80 - 160 minutes before this is reflected on the Timetabling Gateway.

We know this is causing problems and we are looking at new timetabling software that can provide more accurate and up-to-date information.

Changes may also take additional time to be reflected in applications that you've synced your timetable with, eg Google Calendar or Outlook. However, we are unable to control how often your chosen application updates its copy of your timetable.

For more information on subscribing to your timetable, see:

The VLE interface, particularly on mobile devices, could be improved.   The E-Learning Development team have been working closely with Blackboard, who provide the VLE, to advise them on improvements they should be making to the user interface and usability and accessibility concerns.

Blackboard recently announced that they are developing a new look for the VLE, and we hope this will resolve some of the current issues. 
As a member of staff, I would prefer to use a different email tool to Google Mail.  Since we moved to Google Apps, the feedback on the mail client has been very positive from the majority of students and staff. However, we're aware that some staff find using Google Mail a challenge.

In many cases, staff miss functionality that was available on other mail systems, eg Outlook, that they haven't been able to replicate in Google Mail. We can help you with this - whether it's finding the functionality in Google Mail, investigating new ways of working to achieve the same results, or (if necessary) advising you on accessing Google Mail through other applications such as Outlook.

If you are having issues with using Google Mail, please contact us. We are keen to explore how we can help you further.

We're also reviewing the staff training that we offer for Google Apps to ensure that it's developed to meet current needs. 
It would be better if systems across the University were more integrated, so that I only need to sign in once, and data was shared across them.  We continue to work towards better integration of University systems and many of our services now have single sign-on. These factors are also essential criteria for us when considering new systems. 
I would like more PCs. 

We provide over 900 PCs in IT areas across campus. However, IT rooms in popular areas can be busy, especially around exams. This year we booked out the large IT room in the Harry Fairhurst Building to make sure this was available for the duration of the exam period.

We also introduced 60 Laptop Loans in the University and King's Manor Libraries, to improve availability.

You can check which IT rooms have free PCs here:

I wish the University website was easier to use on a mobile device.  Design changes that make the University website more mobile friendly are being rolled out over the course of 2016.  
I'd like 24/7 IT support. We continue to monitor the need for 24/7 support and have recently improved our provision. Staff are now available from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and 10am to 6pm on weekends.

For major incidents, we have an on-call system and staff respond out of hours to fix serious issues. 
As a member of staff, I'd like easy access to key student information for teaching or supervision.  In 2015, the e:Vision interface was refreshed in response to user feedback. Steps were taken to improve and streamline user access to relevant content, and make the interface more mobile friendly.

Registry Services are also working with colleagues across the University to ensure that the most appropriate and effective systems for key processes are used. For example, in August 2016 Skillsforge will start to be rolled out to support the management of postgraduate research student administration. The introduction of this system will further reduce reliance upon paper-based processes, and improve the experience for students, supervisors, and colleagues in academic departments.