We undertake regular surveys to enable us to assess user satisfaction and expectations for our services: IT, Library and Archives. The IT and Library surveys run alternately each year, and Archives take part in a national survey of visitors conducted every two years. Find out how we're doing using the tabs below.

Library Survey

The Library Survey is conducted in the autumn term using an externally provided survey tool, allowing us to benchmark our services against those offered by other institutions. From 2012 to 2016, we used LibQual+. From 2018 onwards, we are using Alterline's Library Life Pulse survey.

The data is collected and analysed by an external company (Association of Research Libraries), and we act upon issues which arise.

Library Survey 2016

We're pleased to report that overall satisfaction with the quality of our services is up on 2015, and we’ve improved in providing access to resources (electronic and main texts you need for your work). Find out more about previous surveys and this year's results using the links below:

IT Survey

Our IT Services survey is conducted using a standard survey tool, TechQUAL, which allows us to benchmark our offerings against other universities. The survey has been conducted regularly since 2011 and links to the results and action plans for each survey are provided below:

Archives Survey

The Archives participate in the national Public Services Quality Group (PSQG) survey of visitors. The surveys are conducted every two years. Further details and results of the survey are available on the ARA website.