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A selection of Powerpoint presentations delivered at the 10th Northumbria Conference are now available to view and download from Google Drive. Instructions for downloading them are provided below.

A number of Prezi presentations were also delivered:

Celere, M. and de Sousa Mendes, G. H. - A preliminary bibliometric study of literature on performance measurement and library management

Mandel, L. H. and Johnston, M. P. - Are we Leaving Them Lost in the Woods with No Breadcrumbs to Follow? Assessing Signage Systems in School Libraries

Further presentations will be added during August 2013. 

Downloading Presentations from Google Drive

To download presentations individually, click on the presentation and choose the "Download" option in the bottom right hand corner. 

If you already have a Google account, you can also sign in and add the whole folder of presentations to your Google Drive. You can then download all presentations to your computer if you wish.